Over $42 million to support fertility journey of women and their families

Published Saturday, 02 March, 2024 at 08:58 AM

Minister for Health, Mental Health and Ambulance Services and Minister for Women
The Honourable Shannon Fentiman

  • The Queensland Government is investing more than $42 million to support reproductive health and wellbeing of women and girls.
  • Assisted reproductive technologies will be publicly available for people battling cancer or experiencing complex medical conditions.
  • A statewide fertility preservation service will also be established.
  • This investment is part of the new Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032.

For the first time, Queensland will publicly fund reproduction treatments, like IVF, for people experiencing complex medical conditions like cancer.

The Miles Government has committed to a $42.3 million dollar package to help improve reproductive outcomes.

One in six Australian couples experience fertility challenges, and people diagnosed with complex medical conditions face a far greater risk of reproductive issues.

So, to help address the barriers faced by this vulnerable cohort when accessing fertility treatments, we are investing $32.1 million to fund public access to assisted reproductive technologies, ensuring more accessible and affordable fertility treatment.

While $10.2 million will fund a statewide fertility preservation service, allowing families the choice to preserve their hope for a family in the future.

We have heard from thousands of women and girls across Queensland that younger cancer patients worry about the possible impact chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments may have on their ability to have children in the future.

The Queensland Government recognises that going through fertility treatment can be mentally challenging for women and their families, and to ease this experience, counselling services will also be made available to those accessing publicly funded assisted reproductive technology.

In addition, to ensure we are giving Queenslanders confidence in the assisted reproductive technology services throughout the state, stronger regulations are being considered. Consultation has been undertaken with legislation expected to be introduced in the coming months. This will include laws that allow the setup of a donor conception register.  

Quotes attributable to Minister for Health, Mental Health and Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman:

“We know that women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health are often overlooked aspects of overall wellbeing, and this is something we are committed to fix.

“The Miles Government’s landmark funding package responds to the thousands of voices of Queensland women and girls who shared their stories and concerns during consultation for our new strategy.

“When a significant health issue, such as cancer, impacts a person’s fertility, being able to afford access to fertility services should be the last thing Queenslanders need to worry about.

“By reducing economic barriers and improving access to services closer to home, the Miles Government is creating a more equitable health service for all Queenslanders – no matter their gender.”