140 charged as elite intelligence team ramps up online pressure on youth offenders

Published Wednesday, 07 February, 2024 at 02:13 PM

Minister for Police and Community Safety
The Honourable Mark Ryan

  • Digital Intelligence and Community Engagement (DICE) team is a new online police team targeting offenders through their digital activities, assisting detectives in criminal investigations.
  • The DICE team has assisted in charging more than 140 young people with the aggravating factor of social media boasting since laws passed in March 2023.
  • More than 600 investigative leads have been generated through intelligence efforts.

An elite team of Queensland Police Service (QPS) intelligence officers is successfully targeting youth offenders’ online activities, with more than 140 charged so far.

The Digital Intelligence and Community Engagement (DICE) team was established mid-2023.

Through intelligence driven strategies, the officers target offenders seeking notoriety as they ‘boast and post’ or livestream their crimes online.

Since DICE began operations, 144 young people have been charged with the aggravating factor of social media boasting in relation to the unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Assisting police investigations, the DICE team has generated more than 600 investigative leads including identifying 65 alleged offenders resulting in charges. 

DICE provides QPS with enhanced identification of offenders and victims through social media and other community platforms as well as improved reporting and recording of criminal offences, including the use of this information to apprehend and prosecute offenders.

Further DICE operations include sharing vital safety information to relevant online community social media pages, including during disasters, and community crime prevention efforts.

Quotes attributable to the Minister Mark Ryan:

“To have a team of specialist intelligence officers dedicated to tracking criminal activities online, positions QPS at the forefront of modern policing.

“As technology and criminal trends change, police will continue to adapt, to ensure thorough investigations to arrest offenders and protect the public.

“There is no place for this type of behaviour and criminal offenders that are seeking notoriety online will be targeted and charged.

“This is one of many increased penalties aimed at keeping Queenslanders safe.”

Quotes attributable to Deputy Commissioner Shane Chelepy:

“To steal a car is criminal and reckless, but to brag about it on social media is heartless and brazen.

“DICE officers work around the clock to track down these offenders who flaunt their criminal escapades online.

“Although our DICE team is new to operations, already dozens of victims of crime have found justice thanks to their efforts and the efforts of detectives in identifying, locating and arresting 144 alleged offenders.

“QPS is committed to continuing our efforts to address youth offending from every angle.”

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