Homes for Queenslanders: new youth housing options to help at-risk young Queenslanders

Published Friday, 02 February, 2024 at 08:45 AM


The Honourable Steven Miles

Minister for Housing, Local Government and Planning and Minister for Public Works
The Honourable Meaghan Scanlon


  • The Miles Government’s Homes for Queenslanders will deliver another eight youth foyers across Queensland
  • Youth foyers are housing options for young people aged between 16 and 25-years-old giving them a safe place to stay while they pursue education, a job and eventually their own home
  • The first additional youth foyer will be delivered in Cairns, followed by two more in Moreton Bay and Hervey Bay with further work to be done to identify five more sites across the state

Homes for Queenslanders will outline eight new youth foyers across the state to help young Queenslanders at-risk of homelessness.

The first three will be built in Cairns, Hervey Bay and Moreton Bay with further work to be done with the community to identify the other five sites across the state.

The foyers will provide young people aged between 16 and 25-years-old with a safe place to stay and the wraparound support they need while they complete their education, work and eventually find their own place to call home.

The government has previously built youth foyers on the Gold Coast and in Logan, helping more than 200 people to-date, with another 40-bed facility in Townsville near completion.

Inspecting progress on the Townsville Youth Foyer today, Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon said Cairns will be the first cab off the rank with a site identified to build a 40-bed facility close to public transport and shops.

The community will be able to have their say on designs and we will continue to engage with the local community and stakeholders as the project progresses.

Quotes attributable to Premier Steven Miles: 

“Every Queenslander deserves a safe and secure place to call home. That means we need to build more homes – it’s that simple.

“We’ve had huge population growth and there are still more people moving to Queensland.  More than our construction industry can build houses for. That has pushed up prices. It's made rent less affordable and sadly, it's pushed more people out of secure housing.

“For young people who fall through the cracks, we need services like this to give them the support they need to not only sleep safe at night, but also pursue a good job, education and eventually their own home.

“Whether it’s helping people buy their own home, making sure renters get a fair go or our most vulnerable have a safe place to stay – our Homes for Queenslanders plan will deliver.”

Quotes attributable to Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon: 

“It’s hard to do well at school or uni, hold down a job and plot out your future when you don’t have a safe place to stay.

“Looking at what we’ve done on the Gold Coast and in Logan through our Youth Foyers, we know these types of supported accommodation services can change the lives of vulnerable young people for the better.

“Youth Foyers aren’t just a bed to sleep in, it’s a place that provides wraparound support to study, get a good job, their own place and eventually home ownership.

“Young people learn how to live independently in single-occupancy units where they pay rent, shop and cook for themselves, while receiving 24/7 on-site mentoring and support from an experienced provider to learn the skills required to transition to independent living.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Cairns Michael Healy:

“The housing pressures that are happening across the country are also impacting young people here in Cairns.

“This youth foyer is an opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of young people in our community – by giving them a safe place to stay, and support to study and work.

“This model has been so successful in other parts of our state, which is why I made it clear I wanted to see one built in our city.

“I want to thank Cairns Alliance of Social Services for their advocacy.”

Quotes attributable to Mission Australia Queensland State Director and Co-Chair of the FoyerInvest Working Group Stephen Vines:

“Mission Australia is delighted to be involved with Youth Foyers, an important project which help shape young lives.

“We welcome the announcement for more Youth Foyers in Queensland and look forward to opening our Townsville Youth Foyer in the coming months.

“Early intervention will help these young people build essential life skills and access education or training so they can move on to a positive path towards independence and away from possible homelessness.

“One of the main reasons young people aren’t able to stay engaged in school or work is that they don’t have a safe or secure place to live.

“By providing them with this, we believe these young people will be able to stay on a path towards independence, and contribute positively in their community.”

Quotes attributable to Liz Cameron-Smith, CEO, The Foyer Foundation 

“The Foyer Foundation welcomes the Queensland Government’s commitment to invest in Youth Foyers as an evidence-based solution to youth homelessness that gets results. This is a significant investment taking us closer to FoyerInvest’s national vision of 50 Foyers by 2030.

“Every young person deserves a thriving future, including those who experience homelessness. Young people in this situation need more than a roof over their heads to overcome cycles of disadvantage, gain independence, and realise their full potential in life.

“Eight new 40-bed Youth Foyers will enable almost 3000 young Queenslanders to overcome homelessness over the course of a decade. This not only benefits each young person, it also has positive impacts for their families, communities and our economy.”

Quote attributable to Caitlyn, Current Resident, Logan Youth Foyer:

“Foyer has given me stability, opportunity and a safe place to express myself and become a better version of myself.

“Since moving into the Foyer, I have been able to gain employment and a vehicle, and I have participated in volunteering opportunities.

“I’ve also learnt how important it is to use my own voice to advocate for other young people experiencing homelessness.

“Since starting my youth advocacy work I’ve realised that I would love to pursue a career in community services.

“It feels good to have an impact on the future of youth homelessness and actually be a voice for other young people.

“I’m proud that I can use my story to influence change and impact my community.”


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