David Crisafulli and the LNP must come clean on plans to cut cost-of-living support

Published Tuesday, 14 November, 2023 at 01:48 PM

Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympic and Paralympic Games Infrastructure
The Honourable Dr Steven Miles

  • LNP’s plans to cut cost-of-living support exposed
  • Largest cost-of-living relief package in the country under threat
  • $8.2 billion in costing of living support currently available to Queenslanders

David Crisafulli and the LNP plan to cut cost-of-living support to Queenslanders, at a time households can least afford it.

The LNP’s plans to cut cost-of-living relief measures have been exposed in their ‘Priorities’ pamphlet.

Right now, the Palaszczuk Government is providing $8.2 billion in cost-of-living support, the largest relief package in the nation.

All of this will be under threat with David Crisafulli and the LNP, using slippery and sneaky language that only commits to ‘structural’ cost-of-living relief, as opposed to direct payments and rebates.

“An LNP Government will prioritise structural cost-of-living relief for Queenslanders, while still delivering the services Queenslanders need and expect. (page 20, LNP “Priorities” pamphlet)

Cost-of-living support that would be cut includes rebates on power bills and free kindy.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles is calling on the LNP to come clean on their plan to cut cost-of-living support.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Premier Steven Miles:

“The Leader of the Opposition won’t say what ‘structural cost-of-living relief’ will mean for Queenslanders.

“What David Crisafulli and the LNP must do is come clean to Queenslanders about their plans to cut our nation-leading cost-of-living measures.

“Queenslanders households cannot afford David Crisafulli and the LNP’s plans to cut cost-of-living support.

“Because the LNP don’t support Queensland getting a fair share of record coal profits, it means they need to find $7 billion in savings to fill their budget black hole.

“This threat to the cost-of-living support Queenslanders rely on is just the beginning of the LNP’s plan to cut again.”  


Cost-of-living measures under the Palaszczuk Government’s $8.2 billion support program includes:

  • 1.6 million households are receiving $550 Cost of Living Rebate
  • 600,000 seniors and concession card holders are receiving $1072 off their electricity bills.
  • 205,000 small businesses are receiving $650 off their electricity bills.
  • Over 38,000 Queenslanders have received Climate Smart Energy Savers Rebate
  • 690,000 seniors have received 50% off their car registration in the last year.
  • 34,000 Queenslanders are getting discounts on boat registration in the last year.
  • 325,000 seniors have received free glasses through our spectacle supply scheme in the last year.
  • From next year over 64,000 families will save $4600 on average through Free Kindy.
  • Over 36,000 families have received out FairPlay sports vouchers.

Queenslanders who want to see what cost-of-living relief is available to them should visit: www.queenslandsavers.qld.gov.au