Urgent review commissioned into Camera Detected Offence Program

Published Friday, 08 September, 2023 at 10:09 AM

Minister for Transport and Main Roads and Minister for Digital Services
The Honourable Mark Bailey

Transport and Main Roads have commissioned an independent review into the Camera Detected Offence Program after a design fault was uncovered in the mobile phone and seatbelt camera system.

The fault has resulted in drivers having double demerit points incorrectly applied for a passenger seatbelt offence captured by the cameras between 1 November 2021 and 31 August 2023.

The fault was identified during an analysis of offences issued by the system and was immediately rectified.

For a small number of Queenslanders, this has resulted in their licence being suspended incorrectly or drivers serving a “good driving behaviour period”.

Transport and Main Roads will be contacting all impacted drivers in the coming days.

There will be a full and urgent independent review of this matter.

A driver is only impacted when:

  • They have committed 2 or more seatbelt offences within a period of 12-months; and
  • One of those offences was a camera-detected offence where a passenger not correctly wearing a seatbelt.

A dedicated hotline has been established on 1800 740 786. Drivers who believe they have been impacted are encouraged to get in touch.

More information, including a self-assessment criteria are available on the Transport and Main Roads website.

If your licence is currently suspended or disqualified, do not drive.

If you are currently serving a 12-month good driving behaviour period, continue to follow the conditions of the good driving behaviour period.

Double demerit points can still be incurred for passenger seatbelt offences where the passenger is under 16, when recorded roadside by a Queensland Police Officer.

Quotes attributed to the Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey:

“Simply put – this should never have happened. I am sorry to every person impacted by this.

“My department is receiving urgent legal advice on the swift reissuance of incorrectly suspended licences.

“For the remaining licence holders who have retained their licence but incorrectly lost some points, Transport and Main Roads will reverse the incorrectly issued double demerit points.

“All offences were correctly recorded and financial penalties have been correctly issued – the design fault is solely in the application of double demerit points in specific circumstances.

“I expect the review will be complete in the coming months.

“The message remains clear – seatbelts save lives. If you’re not wearing it, it can’t save you.”

Quotes attributed to Acting Director General, Transport and Main Roads, Sally Stannard:

“The Department has corrected this error and is now contacting impacted customers.

“The current status of your licence remains in place until the Department works with you to review individual circumstances. 

“We have also established a dedicated phone number for customers who are concerned this may impact them and details are available on the Department’s website.

“Drivers are reminded that they must ensure their passengers are buckled up before starting their journey or risk serious injury or worse.”


Currently serving suspension


Currently serving a Good Behaviour Bond


Current Interstate or overseas licence holders

11 (their authority to drive in QLD is currently suspended)

Formerly sanctioned QLD drivers


  • 505 served a suspension incorrectly
  • 236 served a good behaviour period
  • 252 never held a licence
  • 43 non-QLD licence holders

Never licenced offenders


Total number of customers impacted


*This number is based on an initial review of the data by Transport and Main Roads

For the driver failing to ensure that a passenger is restrained offence, the legislation only applies double demerit points if the passenger is under the age of 16.

Prior to 1 November 2021 seatbelt offences were only enforced roadside by in-person police officers, meaning it was possible to determine the age of the unrestrained passenger and whether to apply double demerit points, or not.


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