$4.2m funding pledge to further protect our endangered koalas

Published Thursday, 07 September, 2023 at 12:16 PM


Acting Premier and Minister for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
The Honourable Dr Steven Miles

Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for Multicultural Affairs
The Honourable Leanne Linard

  • The Palaszczuk Government will provide $4.2 million in funding to environmental organisation Healthy Land & Water (HLW) to deliver koala threat management initiatives 
  • HLW will work with local councils in South East Queensland to deliver programs to mitigate the threats koalas face in the wild. 

The Palaszczuk Government has marked National Threatened Species Day by announcing that it would provide funding to environmental organisation Healthy Land & Water to further protect the iconic koala.  

The government will provide $4.2 million in funding to Healthy Land & Water to deliver a range of initiatives to address the threats impacting on koala populations. 

Koalas face unprecedented challenges due to habitat loss, disease, climate change, bushfires and attacks by domestic and wild dogs.  

Healthy Land & Water will engage local governments across South East Queensland to deliver koala threat management initiatives over the next three years. 

Healthy Land & Water will focus on identified priority threat areas and align with the SEQ Koala Conservation Strategy to reduce the impacts from disease, injury and mortality rates on our koalas.  

Quotes attributable to Acting Premier, Steven Miles:

“When I was Environment Minister, protecting koalas was one of my top priorities.  It’s great to be part of a Government that remains committed to ensuring this iconic national emblem.

“This grant further demonstrates our commitment to making sure people can continue to see these beautiful critters, here in our backyard, for generations to come. 

"It’s our responsibility to protect and preserve their future and signals a united effort across government and community to safeguard the future for koalas and the unique ecosystems they inhabit.”

Quotes attributable to the Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leanne Linard: 

“The Palaszczuk Government is strongly committed to protecting and conserving koalas and their habitat. 

“Our South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy includes the strongest koala protections Queensland has ever seen. 

“On National Threatened Species Day, we are proud to announce $4.2 million in funding for Health Land & Water for initiatives aimed at preserving populations of this iconic species and its habitat in south-east Queensland 

“Under our South East Queensland Koala Conservation Strategy, vast tracts of essential koala habitat are being conserved and restored, and those areas will be carefully managed to ensure they continue to provide food, shelter, and safety for koalas and other wildlife. 

“This is an area where we cannot afford to rest and the Palaszczuk Government will continue to work to ensure this iconic and much-loved species is protected.” 

Quotes attributable to Healthy Land & Water Chief Executive Officer, Julie McLellan: 

“This funding is as vital as it is timely, as it facilitates the expansion and continuation of the ongoing critical efforts to support koala conservation. 

“We are excited to continue working from each end of the spectrum – from directly restoring habitat through enabling land managers and the community with the capacity to contribute to koala conservation. 

“Initiatives such as those that will be delivered through this new funding are critical to koala protection in priority areas and is firmly backing the highly collaborative approach with governments, community, Traditional Owners, and researchers as the key to success. 

“This grant allows us to continue the high level of collaboration built through previous and ongoing initiatives and fosters the exchange of valuable skills and knowledge for the benefit of koalas.”