Revitalised former mine to bring new jobs to the North

Published Thursday, 27 July, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Minister for Resources
The Honourable Scott Stewart

  • EQ Resources has been awarded a tender for resource exploration activities which includes a former tungsten mine
  • Tungsten is a critical mineral used in many renewable technologies such as solar technology and wind turbine blades.
  • The tender is an opportunity to turn a former mine into an asset and create more good jobs in regional Queensland.

One of Australia’s leading tungsten producers, EQ Resources, has been awarded the tender for resource exploration activities across a 480 square kilometre area, which includes the former Wolfram Camp and Bamford Hill mines.

Situated 90km west of Cairns, Wolfram Camp is named for wolframite – an important primary ore of tungsten which miners have been extracting from the site since the 19th century.

The critical mineral has numerous uses including in solar technology, wind turbine blades, drill bits and filaments for lighting.

Global demand for critical minerals like tungsten will continue to increase as more countries work towards a net zero future.

Re-commercialisation of former mines is a key component of the Palaszczuk Government’s new Critical Minerals Strategy as well as the Queensland Resources industry Development Plan.

Quotes attributable to the Resources Minister Scott Stewart:

“This project is a pilot that could potentially see more of our former mine sites around the state transformed from a liability to an asset – once more generating good jobs and royalties for the people of Queensland,” he said.

“EQ Resources has a proven track record in revitalising former mines, having established significant mine waste reprocessing operations and recently announcing starting open cut mining at its nearby Mt Carbine tungsten project, creating up to 135 good jobs.

“The re-commercialisation of Wolfram Camp is a key action of the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan.

“Queensland has many of the critical minerals needed to make the renewable energy technologies the world needs for a net zero emissions future.

“That’s why we have now also released the Queensland Critical Mineral Strategy, which will oversee $245 million of investment into growing this sector in Queensland.

“Part of the Strategy will focus on supporting companies looking to extracting critical minerals from waste and tailings at existing and former mines.

“This tender will not only create more good jobs for the region but helps us meet the challenge of leading the world towards a decarbonised future.”

Quotes attributable to EQ Resources CEO Kevin MacNeill:

“As we did with the Mt Carbine project, we are committed to engaging closely with the communities around Wolfram Camp to create shared prosperity and opportunities,” he said.

“This includes generating new employment avenues, contributing to the local economy, and promoting responsible environmental stewardship in alignment with EQR’s core values.

The company’s success at Mt Carbine is a testament to its ability to transform historical mining sites into thriving operations with a positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities and we envision a similar transformation for Wolfram Camp.

“Our team of experienced professionals will apply modern exploration techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to maximise the site's potential while minimising its environmental footprint in order to unlock Wolfram Camp’s potential as a critical mineral producer.”

Additional Information

The Wolfram Camp mine was abandoned in late 2018 and has since been a part of the Queensland Government’s Abandoned Mine Lands Program.

Information on Queensland’s Critical Mineral Strategy can be found here.


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