Grants sprout action on Nature Refuges

Published Friday, 07 July, 2023 at 02:15 PM

Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for Multicultural Affairs
The Honourable Leanne Linard

  • Eighty nature refuges across Queensland will receive grants up to $25,000 to protect native species and habitats
  • The projects include weed and pest management, habitat restoration, erosion control, and the protection of important cultural sites
  • It adds to a record spend to expand and create new protected areas across the state by the Palaszczuk Government

The owners of 80 nature refuges across Queensland will share in almost $1.1 million in the latest round of the Palaszczuk Government’s Nature Refuge Landholder Grants Program.

Queensland is home to the largest network of nature refuges – privately-owned protected areas - in Australia, covering some 4.6 million hectares

These properties protect a diversity of ecosystems and threatened species, complementing Queensland’s existing national park system.

The Nature Refuge Landholder Grants Program supports landholders who are actively working to conserve and manage their properties.

Funding will this year help owners in the fight against weeds and pests, as well as restore habitats and protect important cultural and environmental sites.

Quotes attributable to Environment Minister Leanne Linard:

“Our national parks, nature refuges, and other protected areas combined cover 14.5 million hectares – that’s an area double the size of Tasmania.

“A big part of that is thanks to the generosity of land owners who have nominated parts of their land with high conservation value as nature refuges.

“Nature refuge owners deserve every bit of praise for their love for the environment, and this funding is critical to helping them look after the local ecosystems and animals they’ve chosen to protect.

“From fire management to weed eradication, wildlife fencing and tree hollow habitats, this funding will have a huge impact on natures refuges stretching from Cape York to the border.

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to expanding Queensland’s protected area estate and is investing a record $262.5 million to make that happen.”

Further information:

Full list of recipients:

Nature Refuge


Project Description

Funding (ex GST)

Alectura Nature Refuge


The project will assist in establishing a new fire trail cut by hand in difficult terrain to increase the area of the nature refuge that can be subject to ecological burning in a safe manner.


Ardgour Station Nature Refuge


This project will fund pest management activities to maintain the Ardgour Station Nature Refuge and reduce the potential of key threats on significant natural and cultural value of the nature reserve.


Avoid Island Nature Refuge

Avoid Island

The project fund will purchase equipment to establish six vertebrate fauna monitoring points within each of the regional ecosystems present on the island, which will enable benchmarking and long-term monitoring.


Blue Fig Creek Nature Refuge


This project will use fire trails (established through previous grant funding) around the property to conduct ecological/hazard reduction burns and post-fire weed management.


Brian Burke Reserve Nature Refuge

Samford Valley

Infill planting focusing on the installation of shrub layer under previously planted canopy species and revegetation for bank stabilisation. Purpose of works is to connect two previously installed koala habitat plantings, and to improve access to koala habitat trees within the site.


Brookes Beach Nature Refuge

Garners Beach

This project will install interpretive signage to promote the intrinsic values of the nature reserve as a cassowary habitat and rare ecosystem sanctuary. It will also fund the purchase of hardwood timber for steps.


Bulimbah Nature Refuge

Burnett Creek

This project will engage a weed control contractor to treat a pocket of lantana infestation in a creek line coming down from Mt Watson. Follow up weed control will also occur in previously treated areas targeting lantana, moth vine, White-passionfruit, Black-passionfruit and groundsel.


Caloola Nature Refuge


The project involves intensive weed management along tracks/roads around the rainforest plantings on Oakey Creek. A 4G-operated pig trapping system will also be purchased as part of this project.


Carnarvon Reserve Nature Refuge

Augathella (OR Upper Warrego)

This project involves monitoring surveys using motion-triggered cameras targeting Northern Quoll, small and critical-weight-range mammals, and medium and large native and introduced feral mammals to understand the effectiveness of management activities.


Charlie Moorhead Nature Refuge

Campbells Pocket

This project will work on eradicating a small Madeira Vine infestation, ongoing lantana and other weed control, installation, and monitoring of various wildlife boxes.


Chidna Nature Refuge

Mount Oxide

This project will make existing unused tracks accessible for fire management and also allow the tracks to act as fire breaks.


Cloudland Nature Refuge


This project involves restoring access to the nature refuge by re-graveling the now deeply eroded wheel tracks and restoring the whoa boys that divert water off the track/driveway thereby substantially reducing erosion.


Cobbold Gorge Nature Refuge


The project will further protect the fauna and ecosystems from heavy foot traffic along Cobbold Creek banks and at strategic points along the tracks of the tour, by building elevated walkways and a pontoon as a dedicated entry point for Stand-Up Paddle boarding tours.


Cobbrum Lake Nature Refuge


This project will replace the existing netting fence on the southern end of the Refuge with a 3km new ring lock fencing to prevent goats/sheep/cattle entering the nature refuge.


Cootharaba Nature Refuge


This project will fund weed control activities on Singapore Daisy, ochna and lantana.


Cravens Peak Nature Refuge

Sturt (OR Boulia)

This project involves upgrading Pilungah’s networks of strategic firebreaks, to enhance wildfire resilience and provide safe access for fire management activities.


Cycadelic Nature Refuge

Kidaman Creek

This project will employ a contractor to undertake bush regeneration field works including weed control activities and revegetation plantings.


Dahmongah Koala Nature Refuge

Ocean View

This project will remove lantana from the southwestern slopes of the nature refuge and undertake on-going weed control activities. 


Dirrans End Nature Refuge


This project will carry out two transects through high-altitude cloud forest along Dirrans End Nature Refuge. The surveys will provide baseline data as to the detection frequency of the critically endangered Lemuroid Ringtail Possum and other arboreal mammals in both remnant and replanted rainforest.


Donaghy's Corridor Nature Refuge

Atherton Tablelands

The project will fund additional rock armouring on the main property access track as well as funding weed control activities on invasive woody weeds including strawberry guava, camphor laurel and night jasmine.


Dragonweyr Nature Refuge


This project will fund a contractor to do preparatory work for cool burns, and to assist in burns managed by the family.


Dundas Nature Refuge


This project will commence the implementation of an Ecological Restoration Plan including controlling and, where possible, eradicating Cats Claw Creeper, lantana, and climbing nightshade in priority target areas.


Dungi Yandi Nature Refuge


This project aims to build capacity to monitor and record fauna through the purchase of monitoring cameras. The data collect will inform better management strategies into the future.


Edgbaston Reserve Nature Refuge

Pelican Creek

This project will undertake a weed control program over one third of the Nature Refuge.


Ethabuka Reserve Nature Refuge


This project will upgrade fire breaks along the northern boundary of the reserve, improving access tracks to firebreaks, and refurbishing bores at two sites to further strengthen firefighting capabilities by providing access to water.


Feathertail Nature Refuge

Upper Brookfield

This project will purchase, install and monitor up to 8 Habitech nest boxes in key sites on the Nature Refuge, in an ongoing collaboration with Land for Wildlife.


Fiona's Nature Refuge


This project will provide futureproofing of water supply by building two new dams, construct and rebuild firebreaks and access tracks including constructing an access track to the river.


Freemans Forest Nature Refuge

Lake Eacham

This project is to construct a possum bridge over Lake Barrine Road next to Freemans Forest Nature Refuge to reduce the impact of this barrier on wildlife along the corridor.


Galaji Nature Refuge


This project will widen the vegetated corridor between Topaz Road and Wooroonooran National Parks, continue significant weed control, repair a causeway to allow access to the western half of the Nature Refuge.


Garriya Nature Refuge


This project will replace the main access crossing (old bridge) to enable the quad and tractor to access the revegetation areas for weeding and infill planting.


German Creek Nature Refuge

Oakey Creek

This project will remove an existing, old fence and construct a new 9,100 metre fence, including 8 x 4.2m gateways for access.


Gilberton Nature Refuge


This project will assist in the eradication and continual maintenance of rubber vines in the Gilberton River watershed catchment. Whilst aiming to increase biodiversity and protecting their ecosystems.


Glider Gully Nature Refuge


This project will conduct a cultural burn in Winter 2023 as per the Fire Management Plan. It will also install four wildlife monitoring cameras.


Gullies Nature Refuge

Mount Cross

The project will enable efforts to reduce the lantana and fireweed, document flood damage, and set up and execute future plans for mitigation of erosion, weed, and feral animal control.


Gurrbum Nature Refuge


This project will fund weed slashing, application of herbicides, and replacement of dying trees throughout 2023-2024 on a significant revegetation site.


Gyetvay Park Nature Refuge


This project will create a fire management plan, purchase and construct fencing and undertake erosion control.


Illallangi Nature Refuge

Tamborine Mountain

This project will fund stabilising the landslip area, re-establishing the vegetation of the degraded areas in the Nature Refuge,


Jirralulu Nature Refuge

Mount Maria

This project will establish a wild plant corridor to connect indigenous ground covers from upslope native grasslands to remnant including removing dead acacias, removing weeds, and planting plants indigenous to the vegetation community in that area. 


June's Land Nature Refuge

Slade Point

This project funds ongoing weed control activities for one year under the nature refuge's weed control management plan.


Kangaby Nature Refuge


This project will purchase monitoring cameras to collect data about the diverse ecosystems.  The project will also undertake water crossing stabilisation and erosion control and weed management within a targeted area of the Nature Refuge.


Kings Plains - Alkoomie Nature Refuge


The project will fund the purchase a new double-reel weed spray unit and herbicide and will spray weeds along at least 30km of major tracks to reduce the risk of vehicles picking up weed seed.


Kurwongbah Park Nature Refuge


This project will fund the installation of permanent educational signage which aims to educate park users of the significance of the Nature Refuge and its important wildlife.


Lacebark Nature Refuge

Mothar Mountain

This project includes weed control, gully revegetation, wildlife monitoring and off-stream watering points to improve and extend the refuge’s subtropical lowland rainforest, and will augment resilient linkages between Woondum National Park and remnant vegetation on the Nature Refuge.


Little Bella Nature Refuge

Bella Creek

The grant will assist in purchasing nest boxes to increase tree hollow habitats for arboreal mammals and birds.  Further monitoring and reporting on their usage and occupation of the boxes seasonally and annually.


Mandala Nature Refuge

North Branch

This project aims to continue conservation management of Rhaponticum australe, Picris evae and Discaria pubescens with new fencing, plus on-going weed control focused on and around habitat for threatened species.


Manduka Nature Refuge

North Maleny

This project will fund the ongoing implementation of the conservation management plan including bush regeneration works, native regeneration encouragement and weed control.


Misty Mountain Nature Refuge

Bellenden Ker

This project involves the planting of one hectare of rainforest to join previous plantings.


Mount Mellum West Nature Refuge

Mount Mellum

This project will remove weedy vegetation from the riparian zone of Little London Creek, followed by selective planting and/or natural regeneration as applicable.


Mount Windsor Nature Refuge


This project will undertake erosion control along the Mayne River to assist in repairing damaged run-off areas.


Mount Zero-Taravale Nature Refuge


This project will fund the purchase of bio-acoustic and remote camera trap technology to map current distributions of the Koala, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Masked Owl, Kultarr, Long-nosed Potoroo and Northern Quoll.


Mt Elliot Nature Refuge


This project will fund a professional contractor to undertake maintenance weed control on 2.6ha of a previously treated catchment line where the high rainfall events have caused the weeds (primarily lantana) to re-germinate in high density.


Murray Upper Wetlands Nature Refuge


This project will employ professional weed contractors to control pond apple trees in the nature refuge.


Murray Upper Wetlands Nature Refuge

Murray Upper

This project will employ professional weed contactors to do follow-up control of Pond Apple in the nature refuge.


Nassers Nature Refuge


This project will purchase, install and monitor 2 wildlife trail cameras, and will eradicate weeds along the northern and north-eastern edge of the nature refuge to allow future planting of appropriate Mabi Forest edge-sealing plant species. This will reduce the risks of the establishment of highly invasive exotic vine species.


Numala Community Nature Refuge

Tamborine Mountain

This project is a continuation of the previous weed control and restoration work on the Numala Nature Refuge which commenced in 2020. 


Nunkeri Nature Refuge

Tamborine Mountain

This project will fund weed suppression and removal, collection and propagation of species from seeds, re-vegetation of adjoining land and rainforest edge, slope stabilisation by planting and mulching.


Nyalar Mirungan-ah Nature Refuge

North Branch

This project will assist with the eradication of the current infestation of Lantana on the Nature Refuge by engaging a contractor to undertake weed control activities.


Oakey Scrub Nature Refuge


This project will control weeds on the tracks through the nature refuge and minimise weed invasion into the endangered rainforest. A satellite operated pig trapping mechanism will also be purchased.


Orkadilla Nature Refuge


This project will remove and control regrowing woody weeds along fence lines and access tracks. It will assist with funding the construction and repair of water diversion banks and drains, to prevent soil erosion. The project will also fund remote monitoring cameras to record feral animal activity and a drone for fire monitoring.


Padaminka Nature Refuge

Greenmount (North)

The project will replace existing boundary fencing with wildlife friendly fencing as well as undertaking weed management control around the creek lines and lagoons, providing a healthy waterway vegetation.


Palm Valley Nature Refuge


This project will install wildlife friendly fencing and create firebreaks to preserve native vegetation and wildlife in the Nature Refuge.


Redgens Nature Refuge


The project funds will purchase signs displaying local indigenous history, culture and songlines.  The project will also include weed control activities controlling Lantana and grasses around the nature refuge boundaries.


Reedy Creek Nature Refuge

Agnes Water

The project will establish a water quality monitoring program and improve drainage issues to ensure effective management and protection of the reserve's conservation attributes and nationally significant wetland values.


Resolute Nature Refuge


This project is to undertake road and firebreak maintenance works on the property.


Roxy Nature Refuge


This project will install wildlife-friendly fencing along the southern boundary to assist in conserving the native flora and fauna. A firebreak will be made on either side of the fence and a drone will be purchased to scope future works with minimal vegetation impacts.


Scotney Nature Refuge


This project will fund fire trail maintenance, particularly along the fire access track where the drought killed many trees as well as weed control activities.


Serpentine Lagoon Nature Refuge


This project will undertake a weed removal program to restore the native landscape.  Utilising machinery and herbicides, chinee apple, rubber vine and lantana will be targeted. 


Shylo Nature Refuge


This project will install wildlife-friendly fencing along the south-east corner boundary to assist in conserving native flora and fauna. The project will also install a firebreak on either side of the fence enhance the preservation of the refuge in the event of bushfire.


Smith's Rainforest Nature Refuge

Upper Brookfield

This project will continue the control of Madeira and other exotic vines that are becoming problematic in and along the forest edge.


South Endeavour Nature Refuge


This project will fund the replacement of a degraded section of the northern fence. The project will also fund GPS tracking of Ghost Bats to understand the location of their roost(s).


Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve Nature Refuge


The grant will assist in the cost for two aerial feral pig-shooting operations in 2023. Contractors will be used for each activity with the first one normally done in late-May or June and the second one in August during the annual crocodile research project.


Teemburra Nature Refuge


This project will purchase and erect fencing as a continuation of an existing project to better manage livestock rotation, pasture density, wildfire risk and wildlife habitat.


The Iggies' Nature Refuge


This project will fund the establishment of fire breaks in areas that are prone to fires and as per the fire management plan.


The Pinch Nature Refuge

Mooloolah Valley

This project will fund a contractor and the purchase of fire management and erosion control equipment and materials to continue fire management in three established areas, as well as establishing new burn areas.


Upper Austinville Nature Refuge


This project will use fire trails (established through previous grant funding) around the property to conduct ecological/hazard reduction burns and post-fire weed management.


Waluma Nature Refuge

North Gregory

This project will improve habitat and ecological values of the Nature Refuge through weed management, Cultural burning and feral animal management.


Weyba Nature Refuge


This project will target, through weed control activities, a large infestation of invasive weeds such as Singapore Daisy, Ardisia, and Camphor Laurel which are spreading and threatening the ecological integrity of the bushland.


Whiteside Road Park Koala Nature Refuge


This project will undertake weed control on persistent weed species including snake weed and corky passion vine throughout the Nature Refuge.


Wild Mountains Nature Refuge

Running Creek

This project will eradicate lantana pockets within rain forested slopes on adjacent land to Wild Mountains Nature Refuge through initial contracted spraying followed up later with further spraying.


Yourka Reserve Nature Refuge

Innot Hot Springs

This project is focused on slowing erosion on the reserve and restoring landscape function, which will in turn benefit the reserve's native fauna and flora.


Since the release of Queensland’s Protected Area Strategy in October 2020, the Palaszczuk Government has allocated more than $3.5 million in grant funding through the Nature Refuge Landholder Grants program, supporting the delivery of 416 conservation projects on nature refuges across the state.

More information about the Nature Refuge Landholder Grants program is available at: Nature Refuge Landholder Grants.


Media contact: Scott Chandler – (07) 3719 7339