New Technology Engine Immobiliser Subsidy Trial to deliver enhanced safety and security

Published Sunday, 02 July, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services
The Honourable Mark Ryan

  • New technology (or secondary) immobiliser technology subsidy trial calling for expressions of interest from installers from Monday
  • Eligible residents - Cairns, Townsville and Mount Isa – applications open by start of August
  • Up to 20,000 eligible vehicle owners can obtain an engine immobiliser subsidy voucher from mid-2023
  • Subsidy voucher value up to $500

The highly anticipated Engine Immobiliser Trial is a step closer for residents of Mount Isa, Cairns and Townsville with expressions of interest opening on Monday 3 July for installers.

The Palaszczuk Government is providing a $10 million investment for the initiative to support the installation of an expected 20,000 new technology (or secondary) engine immobilisers across the selected trial areas.

9,000 subsidy vouchers will be available to residents in Townsville, 8,000 in Cairns, and 900 vouchers in Mount Isa.

In addition, a further 2,100 vouchers will be reserved for distribution to people across the three trial areas identified by police as individuals who would benefit from the installation of an immobiliser device (for example a pensioner who was unaware of the availability of the technology).

It’s expected the $500 subsidy voucher will cover the entire cost of the some of the new technology (or secondary) immobiliser technologies available, meaning that participants in the trial will have options for having no out of pocket expense.

Nothwithstanding the trial, it’s important to note that the new technology (or secondary) immobiliser technologies are already readily available across Queensland, and anyone who is in a position to have it installed outside of the subsidy trial can do so.

The subsidy trial is part of the Queensland Government’s youth justice reforms, with the initiative set to provide residents at these locations with an additional option to increase the security of their vehicles at a subsidised cost.

The aim is to reduce crimes associated with car theft and increase security and safety among Queensland communities, including enhancing community confidence.

An expression of interest for installers statewide opens on Monday 3 July 2023 at

This expression of interest forms the first part of a two-stage registration process.

Eligible residents in the trial areas will be able to obtain a subsidy voucher from a dedicated online portal from early August 2023 and will then be able to redeem the subsidy from an approved installer.

Quotes attributable to Minister Mark Ryan:

“We have completed the industry consultation to get this trial up and running.

“For most people, their vehicle is a significant financial investment and a necessity for their work and lives.

“This trial is a way for people to further protect their vehicles, at a subsidised cost.

“I encourage eligible residents living in Cairns, Townsville and Mount Isa to participate in this trial and install a secondary remote engine immobiliser.”

Quotes attributable to Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Stream:

“We support this new trial and will be actively encouraging community members to take advantage of this crime prevention strategy.

“It is anticipated this trial will deliver an enhanced crime prevention tool directly to the local community.

“Technology like this can make a real difference to the safety and security of everyone.”

Quotes attributable to Police Union President Ian Leavers:

“The QPU first took the prospect of immobilisers to the Premier and Police Minister Ryan as an effective device with the potential to significantly reduce vehicle theft and to the Government’s credit they assisted in putting this on the agenda for all States to follow the lead of Queensland.

“The opportunity to prevent vehicles being stolen in the first place is a positive.

“We also do not want to see stolen vehicles used as weapons against frontline police, community members and any harm for those using stolen vehicles recklessly.

“Remote immobilisers bring an even better opportunity for safety with authorities able to stop the vehicle in a safe location to avoid community risk and allow police to apprehend offenders.

“The QPU would encourage community members to take advantage of this trial because if it proves effective it could become a potent tool in reducing a crime that has a devastating impact on vehicle owners.”

Further information:

  • Eligible residents will be able to apply for a $500 subsidy voucher online from early August
  • Voucher recipients will then present the subsidy voucher to an approved installer, and select from set list of devices (noting that all installers do not have to keep the full range of approved devices)
  • The device is installed to the vehicle, and the customer pays any cost difference above $500 (although it’s expected that the subsidy will cover the entire cost of some of the immobilisers available)
  • Installers must be pre-approved through a two-stage registration process and all registered installers will be listed on the QPS website once approved.

The QPS is now calling on all interested engine immobiliser installers to register their interest at from Monday 3 July 2023.

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