Fireworks blitz on the Queensland and Northern Territory border

Published Thursday, 29 June, 2023 at 02:59 PM

Minister for Resources
The Honourable Scott Stewart

Fireworks blitz on the Queensland and Northern Territory border
  • A clampdown has begun on illegal fireworks coming into Queensland following Northern Territory’s Territory Day celebrations.
  • Officers from Resources Safety and Health Queensland and Queensland Police Service will conduct random stops on vehicles coming into Queensland to check for contraband, including fireworks.
  • About 80 per cent of illegal fireworks seized in Queensland annually are thought to come into the state illegally from the Northern Territory.

Random checks on the Queensland and Northern Territory border will be done to stop illegal fireworks being brought into the state.

A billboard on the main highway into the Northern Territory has been installed to remind people not to bring fireworks back into Queensland.  

Officers will be conducting the border operation after Territory Day on 1 July, and anyone caught with contraband such as fireworks will face steep penalties. 

People caught with illegal fireworks risk fines of up to $57,000 or six months’ imprisonment.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Resources Scott Stewart:

“The message is clear – unauthorised use of fireworks is illegal in Queensland, don’t risk a fine or worse, and don’t bring them in.

“For one day a year Territorians are permitted to buy and use fireworks to celebrate Territory Day, but unfortunately, many of these fireworks are brought into Queensland illegally.

“Whether they are imported intentionally or not, bringing fireworks into Queensland is illegal.

“Why would you risk it when you can enjoy lots of free, safe and authorised displays of fireworks around the state?

Quotes attributable to Resources Safety and Health Queensland Deputy Chief Inspector of Explosives Snezana Bajic:

“Explosives inspectors often work with the Queensland Police Service to seize explosive materials and prosecute offenders.

“Fireworks contain explosive material that can become unstable with age, improper handling and storage – in short, they can be quite dangerous.

“Our inspectors see the tragic aftermath of fireworks misuse firsthand – such as children with third degree burns, horses injured by running terrified into fences, and fire damaged property,” he said.

Further information:

In 2022, Queensland authorities seized about 517 kg of illegal fireworks – of which more than 80 per cent were likely from the Northern Territory.

Queensland banned the use of fireworks in 1972, due to the number of injuries and property damage, now fireworks must only be used by licensed people at authorised events.

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