First plan approved for Caboolture West, one of the South East’s largest growth areas

Published Thursday, 09 March, 2023 at 04:20 PM

Deputy Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympic and Paralympic Games Infrastructure
The Honourable Dr Steven Miles


  1. A new plan has been approved for Caboolture West, one of South East Queensland’s largest greenfield growth areas.
  2. The plan paves the way for fast-tracked assessment of 13,000 new homes, across 600 hectares of land earmarked for residential development over the next 15 years.
  3. Developers to offer land for social and affordable housing as a priority. 
  4. Approximately 360 hectares of environmentally valuable land will also be preserved and enhanced.
  5. Over the next 40 years, the 13,000 new homes will grow to around 30,000 new homes for a new community of around 70,000 people – close in size to Rockhampton.
  6. The future community will have access to around 17,000 jobs associated with employment, industrial, centres and commercial land uses.

The Palaszczuk Government has approved a plan for the first stages in the development of Caboolture West, one of South East Queensland’s biggest growth areas.

The Caboolture West Interim Structure Plan covers around half of Caboolture West.

The new plan provides developers opportunities for streamlined assessment and decision-making outcomes.

The plan makes provision for four state primary schools and two state secondary schools, as well as four neighbourhood hubs, 15 local parks, two district recreation parks and a local centre and a community facilities hub.

The plan also  directs developers to engage with and offer the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE)  opportunity to purchase land for social and affordable housing.

It preserves and requires enhancement of 360 hectares of environmentally valuable land in the green network precinct and requires an efficient local road network that will accommodate public and active transport networks.

There are already applications lodged with Moreton Bay Regional Council that, when approved, will see the staged roll out of 13,000 new homes in Caboolture West.

The plan provides developers with opportunities for streamlined assessment and approvals where their proposals align with these plans. Now developers will be able to lodge code assessable subdivision applications, shaving months off assessment processes and providing a pathway to bring new houses to market sooner.

The state government is now working with council to progress to the next stage of this major precinct, including the potential declaration of a Priority Development Area.

Quotes attributable to Deputy Premier Steven Miles:

“This is a significant milestone in the creation of a new regional city that will eventually have 30,000 homes for around 70,000 people and access to 17,000 jobs.

“Queensland’s population is booming and this has had an impact on housing supply, which is why our government has fast tracked the planning for this community.

“Our plan sets out spaces for homes, schools, neighbourhood facilities, parks and other recreational areas, roads and transport corridors as well as areas protecting environmentally valuable land.

“Importantly, we’ve ensured there will be a diverse and affordable range of housing options.

“The plan sets out 600 hectares of land for new housing as well as 360 hectares of environmentally valuable land in a connected network of green spaces and waterways that will be protected and enhanced.

“There will be four State Primary Schools, two State secondary schools, four neighbourhood hubs and a local centre and community facilities hub.

“Development applications will be fast tracked if they align with the plan, meaning more housing will come to market sooner.

“Importantly, planning for Caboolture West includes the strongest statement to date about the Palaszczuk Government’s intention to require public and community housing to be part of all new and renewed Queensland communities.”

Additional information:

The Queensland Government’s Growth Areas Team (GAT) has worked in partnership with Moreton Bay Regional Council to form this plan which will guide and assess development applications in Caboolture West.

The Palaszczuk Government has committed significant funding to deliver water and sewer infrastructure that will support development of new homes in Caboolture West including $10.5 million from the Building Acceleration Fund and $15 million from the Growth Acceleration Fund.

Public consultation on the interim structure plan was undertaken between July and August 2022, with the feedback received influencing the outcomes included in the plan.

The Government is also undertaking a targeted review of the SEQ Regional Plan, to specifically focus on housing supply and choice across the region. This review will continue through 2023, with updates to be exhibited in the second half of the year.

Consultation on the proposed names for five new localities in Caboolture West was also recently undertaken.