FIRST LOOK: Cross River Rail’s underground station interiors revealed

Published Sunday, 27 November, 2022 at 10:25 AM

Minister for Transport and Main Roads
The Honourable Mark Bailey

Concept only - not for final design or build
Concept only - not for final design or build

Queenslanders are getting their first look at the inside of Cross River Rail’s new underground stations, through a replica built in Eagle Farm.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said crews at the facility had modelled sections of the platform and mezzanine levels for the new Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street and Roma Street underground stations.

“Cross River Rail’s four new underground stations will quickly become an iconic part of Queensland, so it’s really exciting to get a taste of what they’ll be like to use,” Mr Bailey said.

“It’s pretty amazing to think that we’re getting a glimpse into the future of rail in Queensland in what, from the outside, looks like a regular warehouse in Eagle Farm.”

Mr Bailey said the four underground stations’ platform and mezzanine levels had a set of common design components, helping provide an easy and familiar passenger experience.

“While the underground stations’ buildings, ground levels and colour palettes will be different, their mezzanine and platform levels’ layout will be consistent, clear and simple, making the stations easy for all passengers to use,” he said.

“The ceiling design is a nod to the classic Queenslander veranda, and features expressed ‘rafters’ and panel joints rather than the curved profile used by most underground stations across the world.

“The colours and materials for each station’s floors and ceilings have been chosen to reflect the area’s surroundings.

“Brisbane’s new underground won’t just transform the way we travel – it will capture Queensland’s character and set a new benchmark for Australian station design.”

Mr Bailey said the replica facility was like a display home for Cross River Rail station builders.

“This facility will be used by the team to see how the materials at each station will work together,” he said.

“Being able to see the design in-person gives you an idea of just how great these stations are going to be, and how they will come together.

“We’re also able to bring stakeholders here – like our accessibility reference group and station fit-out contractors – to see the design up close.”

Mock-up facility fast facts:

  • Cross River Rail’s mock-up facility houses replica sections of the platform and mezzanine levels that will be built in the four new underground stations.
  • The facility is used to show stakeholders the design in-person and illustrate how the material selections work together.
  • While the underground stations will have unique buildings and ground levels, the platform and mezzanine designs share a set of common design components, creating a common experience at each station.
  • The colours and materials for the floor and ceiling interiors of each station are different, and were chosen to reflect each station’s local context and identity.
  • The platform and mezzanine designs will feature angled walls and ceiling planes, with the ceilings inspired by Queenslander-style typologies.
    • This differs from typical underground stations, which have curved profiles.


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