Young Queenslanders supported to achieve safe, stable housing futures

Published Wednesday, 12 October, 2022 at 11:51 AM

Minister for Communities and Housing, Minister for Digital Economy and Minister for the Arts
The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

Young Queenslanders will be able to better access safe and secure housing with the launch of the Palaszczuk Government’s Towards ending homelessness for young Queenslanders 2022-2027, policy and framework.

Housing Minister Leeanne Enoch said the framework was underpinned by almost $30 million in the recent state budget and would give young Queenslanders better access to advice and services.

“A key priority of the Palaszczuk Government is to deliver better services for all Queenslanders right across the state,” the Minister said.

“Addressing homelessness is about more than putting a roof over someone’s head.

“It’s about providing support services to address the underlying causes of homelessness and allowing people to form connections to their local community.

“If we can address those underlying causes for young Queenslanders, that can have positive impacts across the rest of their lives.”

In the most recent budget, $29.8 million is being invested to deliver Towards ending homelessness up to 2025-26 and includes:

  • $2.1 million to tailor and improve information on homelessness and housing assistance for young people to promote earlier access to services
  • $2.8 million to deliver an innovative program of housing with onsite support in Brisbane, to assist families before they come into contact with the child safety or youth justice system, supported by construction of 38 new housing units under the Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative
  • $9.6 million to work with young people and immediate supported accommodation services to respond to the diverse and complex needs of young people
  • $3.4 million for flexible financial housing assistance to support young people to obtain and sustain housing when transitioning from temporary supported accommodation, care, corrections, youth justice and Youth Foyers
  • $7 million for additional specialist homelessness services that provide coordinated support to young people, with services funded specifically to support young First Nations peoples
  • $1.6 million to support young pregnant or parenting women to settle into and maintain secure housing
  • $3.3 million for new specialist housing workers who will help young people obtain and sustain safe, secure and affordable housing with support

Minister for Youth Affairs Meaghan Scanlon said young people played a key role in developing the strategy.

“Young people are the future of Queensland. They are key agents for social change, economic growth and technological innovation,” the Minister said.

“Their security and prosperity relies on them having the skills and knowledge to lead our communities and drive our economy.

“This policy sets the strategic priorities and direction needed for young Queenslanders to find and keep housing.”

Minister for Children Leanne Linard said that housing instability and homelessness experienced by children and young people is frequently under reported and invisible.

“Young people who are couch surfing or staying with family or friends often have much higher levels of psychological distress than their peers and report poorer overall mental health,” she said.

“Those who experience homelessness and housing instability as children are more likely to disengage with education and training and face a range of other challenges, including being more likely to continue to experience homelessness or housing instability. That’s why a strategy like this is important.”

Lorraine Dupree, Executive Director, Queensland Youth Housing Coalition said QYHC is proud to have worked closely with the department, leading a significant part of the engagement to ensure Towards ending homelessness really reflects the experiences of young people and expertise of the housing and homelessness sector.  

“These voices were vital in identifying what works well and opportunities for improvements and innovation. We will continue to work with the Queensland Government, young people, and the sector throughout implementation.

“QYHC’s aim is for all young people to be safely housed and we look forward to working together as we move further towards this”.  

Ms Enoch acknowledged the Queensland Youth Housing Coalition who took a lead sector role, working with the department, to ensure input from young people with lived experience and expertise from across the housing and homelessness sector informed the development of Towards ending homelessness for young Queenslanders.

Through the Housing and Homelessness Action Plan, the Palaszczuk Government is investing $2.9 billion over four years to support better long-term housing outcomes and move more vulnerable Queenslanders into safe, secure and affordable housing, sooner.


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