Flood report builds back better

Published Monday, 01 August, 2022 at 04:03 PM

Premier and Minister for the Olympics
The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk

A comprehensive report into February’s south-east Queensland floods shows both the scale of the disaster and the work underway to recover.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk thanked State Recovery Co-ordinator Major-General Jake Ellwood for his report and the Recovery and Resilience Plan that will chart the way forward.

“These floods  cost 13 lives,” the Premier said.

“More than 9,000 homes were damaged.

“By any measure, this was one of the most devastating natural disasters in our history.

“It requires an equally historic effort to repair what was lost and do everything we can to ensure people are protected from suffering the same losses again.

“I am pleased to say that work is well underway.”

Impacts of the South-east Queensland Floods include:

  • Estimated social, financial and economic losses of $7.7 billion
  • 21,500 calls for help to the SES
  • More than 98,000 insurance claims led to $1.3 billion being spent on damaged property and assets
  • More than 1,600 sport and recreation facilities were hit by the event
  • More than 2,300 social housing properties were in some way damaged from the flood
  • Community recovery hubs had contact with more than 17,300 people
  • More than 600 educational facilities were affected with six schools unable to reopen for some time

A record $2.1 billion in joint Australian and Queensland government recovery funding has been allocated including the $741 million Resilient Homes Fund, the $150 million betterment fund and a $28 million flood risk management package.

4,250 people have registered interest in the Resilient Homes Fund, including:

  • 443 in voluntary buy-back
  • 1,278 in house raising
  • 1,526 in resilient rebuild

Seventy per cent of those interested in buy-back live in Ipswich and Brisbane.

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority has commenced contact with those prioritised for voluntary home buy back.

Initial priority location is Goodna East because of the extent of the disaster impact and flood risk.

31 home owners have been contacted and have confirmed their interest.

Valuations will commence in mid-August in Ipswich based on pre-flood condition.

Brisbane City Council will administer the scheme in Brisbane.

Eighteen have been identified in the first tranche.

The Department of Energy and Public Works is undertaking home assessments with those who have registered interest.

Home owners will decide what best suits their interests.

The department has commenced 3,100 floor level inspections.

This is to understand where the water came in during the last flood event and determine where it might go in future.

All works and acquisitions under the Resilient Homes Fund are to be completed by June 30, 2024.

The Premier thanked Major-General Ellwood and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority for their report and plan.

Major-General Ellwood paid tribute to the resilience of Queenslanders.

“You see the very best of Queenslanders at the worst of times,” Major-General Ellwood said.

“This plan finds a way forward for recovery but also focusses on resilience to mitigate the impacts of future flooding events.”

Registrations of interest for the Resilient Homes Fund can be found here: www.qld.gov.au/resilienthomes

The Southern Queensland State Recovery and Resilience Plan can be found here: www.qra.qld.gov.au/2021-22-Southern-Queensland-Floods