More time for flooded property owners to appeal

Published Friday, 01 April, 2022 at 04:02 PM

Minister for Resources
The Honourable Scott Stewart

Minister for Resources Scott Stewart has urged flood-affected property owners to appeal their land valuations especially if their properties flooded for the first time in February.

The minister said details of how to lodge the appeal are included in every valuation.

The minister said he had spoken to the Independent Valuer General who will consider appeals beyond the standard 60-day period and that he will take an empathetic approach when considering appeals lodged by affected residents beyond that period.

“The impacts of historical flooding are considered in every land valuation,” Mr Stewart said.

“The recent valuations were done prior to February’s floods.

“If a landowner believes recent flooding impacts the value of their land, I urge them to contact 1300 664 217 or go to”

Land valuation is only one component local councils consider when issuing rates bills.

The minister applauded Brisbane City Council which has already offered a $250 rebate for flood affected properties.

“We know how devastating and widespread the recent flood event has been,” Mr Stewart said.

“It occurred after valuations were finalised but it is not too late for a property to be re-valued if a valid objection is lodged.

“Anyone who is affected can be assured of a sympathetic approach.

“We will stand beside flood affected home-owners and businesses in any way that we can.”