Published Thursday, 24 February, 2022 at 02:00 PM

Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services
The Honourable Mark Ryan

Disaster assistance is now available for Far North Queensland’s Carpentaria and Mareeba Shire Councils, which were hit by severe thunderstorms and flooding associated with a low-pressure trough earlier this month.

The assistance is being provided through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

Federal Minister for Emergency Management and National Recovery and Resilience, Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie, said DRFA assistance will cover the costs of cleaning up, repairing roads and other public infrastructure damaged by flooding associated with the severe storms from
1 – 7 February.

“This event produced multiple days of rain and thunderstorms over Far North Queensland, some of which were severe, causing short-term isolation to areas of Mareeba and Carpentaria,” Minister McKenzie said.

“The damage to local road infrastructure is already apparent, with further damage expected to be uncovered as flood waters recede and more remote areas become accessible.

“We want to ensure both Carpentaria and Mareeba Shire Councils are supported and that they have access to vital funding to clean-up and repair the damage,” Minister McKenzie said.

Queensland Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Mark Ryan, said the activation of the DRFA will ensure the councils have the support they need on the road to recovery from the impacts of Queensland’s ongoing disaster season.

“The activation of the DRFA will ensure communities in the top end who have been cut off by closed roads and flooded rivers are reconnected through disaster recovery and counter disaster works in Carpentaria and Mareeba Shire,” Minister Ryan said.

“The flooding has isolated communities such as Burketown in Carpentaria and Dimbulah and Mutchilba in Mareeba Shire.

“The assistance measures activated today under the DRFA are aimed at public safety clean-up operations, such as clearing debris once floodwaters recede, and the repair of essential public infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

“The Commonwealth and Queensland Governments continue to work closely to support ongoing recovery efforts and identify where further assistance can be provided to ensure all of those affected have the best possible support,” Minister Ryan said.

Information on disaster assistance can be found on the Australian Government’s website at www.disasterassist.gov.au and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s website: www.qra.qld.gov.au

Minister McKenzie: David Edghill 0477 417 516

Minister Ryan: Phil Willmington 0411 535 180