Bikes and e-scooters on trains to become permanent in peak

Published Monday, 24 January, 2022 at 02:30 PM

Minister for Transport and Main Roads
The Honourable Mark Bailey

Bikes and e-scooters will become a regular fixture on South East Queensland (SEQ) trains during peak periods.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the permanent initiative followed a successful six month trial in 2021.

“Following calls from customers, we introduced a trial allowing two bikes or e-scooters in each of the first and last carriage of a train during the morning and afternoon peak periods,” Mr Bailey said.

“More than 170,000 customers took up the opportunity to travel with their bike or e-scooter during the trial which shows that this is something that people want and need.

"Being able to take a bike or e-scooter on a train in peak provides another option for customers to travel to or from their train station so it's another positive step towards an integrated public transport network.

“I called for feedback on the initiative and heard that it had made such a positive difference for so many commuters, which is why we’ll be permanently allowing bikes and e-scooters on trains during peaks.”

Mr Bailey reminded customers to be mindful of other passengers when taking a bike or e-scooter on a train.

"We started the trial at a time when there were less trips being taken on the SEQ public transport network due to the COVID-19 pandemic so there was more space on board trains," he said.

“Please continue to use only the nominated first or last carriage of services and ensure access to priority areas and seating, aisles and doorways is kept clear. Please also make sure you stay with your bike or e-scooter at all times.

"As more people return to the network in the new year, we ask customers to consider their fellow commuters when taking a bike or e-scooter on board a train."

Bicycle Queensland CEO Rebecca Randazzo supported this decision enthusiastically.

“Being allowed to take your bike on the train at any time makes our transport system more flexible and more sustainable,” Ms Randazzo said.

“This will mean fewer car trips, as the bike can replace the car for short trips at either end of a train journey.

“A more relaxed ‘bikes on trains’ policy emphasises the strengths of both of these transport modes - Trains are really good at efficiently moving lots of Queenslanders for short and long trips without increasing congestion but bikes are especially great for short trips in local areas up to five kilometres.

“We will continue to partner with the State Government on making Queensland a better place to ride a bike.

“A more bike-able Queensland is a more walkable and liveable Queensland. This benefits every person, not just those who currently ride”

Head online to the TransLink website for more information on the initiative.


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