Next stage of COVID Care Plan unveiled as cases rise

Published Friday, 24 December, 2021 at 11:13 AM

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services
The Honourable Yvette D'Ath

The Queensland Government is moving forward with the next stage of its strategy for managing COVID-19 patients, including plans to care for most cases at home so hospitals can focus on the seriously ill.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the COVID Care Pathways plan was designed to keep Queenslanders safe as case numbers climbed following the easing of border restrictions.

“Our plan is about helping Queenslanders to get COVID-ready,” the Minister said.

“We have co-designed a toolkit with consumers, GPs and our Health and Hospital Services to help people prepare for becoming positive.

“This will include information about what to do if you become positive.

“As cases continue to rise, our plan will ensure all Queenslanders – wherever they live, whatever their health conditions, and whatever their vaccination status – can access the best possible care.

“Whether it’s COVID Care at Home or COVID Care in Hospital will be determined by their health conditions and symptoms.

“Thanks to our high vaccination rates, we know that most COVID patients will experience milder symptoms and will be able to be treated from their own home, mostly via telehealth by clinicians.

“This will allow hospitals to concentrate on caring for serious cases. We have already been providing care for patients at home and it has been safe and effective.”

Minister D’Ath said there were steps all Queenslanders could take now to be ready if they tested positive.

“Put together a COVID-Ready Kit, including a thermometer, pain relief, and extra supplies of your regular medications,” he said.

“Fill in a COVID care plan for yourself or your dependents, so your carers can quickly get to the heart of any pre-existing conditions.

“And think ahead about your childcare plans, or who might feed your pets, if you had to isolate or go to hospital. We have handy checklists and templates on our website which can help you take these steps.

“Queensland is fortunate to have a strong health care network so cases who are in home care will be in very capable hands.

“That said, hospitals will not turn any COVID-19 case away. As always, anyone in Queensland who needs urgent medical attention will receive it, no matter their location or vaccination status.

“But it is another reminder, as we see interstate and overseas, that by getting vaccinated you give yourself the best chance of not ending up as part of the small percentage of COVID-19 cases who need hospitalisation.”

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