Batteries to power Queensland jobs

Published Monday, 08 November, 2021 at 11:30 AM

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement
The Honourable Mick de Brenni

Energy Queensland is calling for expressions of interest from supply companies to be part of a preferred supplier panel for possible future supply of large batteries suitable to be connected to the distribution network.

The panel will be made up of suppliers who can offer suitable grid scale batteries, inverters or complete energy storage systems.

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Procurement Mick de Brenni said renewables investment was a vital part of the Palaszczuk Government’s COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

Mr de Brenni said the Palaszczuk Government was making sure Queenslanders got the decent, secure jobs in renewables all along the supply chain.

“Our Buy Queensland procurement approach means strong preference is given to companies that employ Queenslanders and include local content like metals and minerals mined and processed in Queensland and the products manufactured from them,” Mr de Brenni said.

 “We are making sure to maximise jobs for Queenslanders – from the first electrons to the last in what is Queensland’s exciting renewable energy future.”

Energy Queensland is calling for expressions of interest from potential supply partners who, over the longer term, can support a variety of grid scale battery system sizes and capabilities.

This will support Queensland manufacturers to provide suitable energy storage solutions for the long term needs to reach fifty percent renewables by 2030, with nearly one in three customers in detached houses in Queensland now having solar PV on the roof.

This expression of interest is focused on offerings for megawatt scale grid storage which will be suitable for connection at the 11kV, 22kV or 33kV electricity distribution network.

Peter Price, Energy Queensland’s Executive General Manager, Engineering, said the company was seeking suppliers who have the ability to support the long-term needs of Energy Queensland and provide products that offer value for money.

“In order to achieve a value for money comparison, Energy Queensland is requesting pricing and technical response on a small subset of the potential system size offerings, namely, four megawatt systems capable of providing two hours and four hours storage duration,” Mr Price said.

“These system sizes have been chosen for initial comparison as they are the most likely size for installation in the near-term, however, Energy Queensland may procure larger or smaller systems depending on business needs at the time.”

Mr Price said suppliers should respond to the EOI with offerings of:

  • A complete Energy Storage System, which would be a solution that includes the inverter, battery and associated control systems.  To avoid any doubt, this could be a single unit or comprise of multiple units supplied as a system, or;
  • A Power Conversion System (i.e. inverter), comprising the inverter and supporting control and monitoring equipment, or;
  • An Energy Storage Unit (i.e. battery), comprising the battery and associated battery management and monitoring system.

Mr Price also said: “Energy Queensland’s intention is that this panel arrangement is for the supply of batteries and inverters, and not for the supply of professional services for energy storage integration which would be procured via other supplier arrangements.

“Services for the supply of professional services for the integration of energy storage will be procured via Energy Queensland’s other established panel arrangements,” he said. 

Suppliers have four weeks to register their expression of interest from today 5 November 2021.

Media contacts: Minister’s office – Dan Knowles 0432 681 664; Energy Queensland – Danny Donald 0439 719 116.