Western Queensland town gets its own bush christening

Published Friday, 17 September, 2021 at 03:52 PM

Minister for Resources
The Honourable Scott Stewart

The identity of a country Queensland town featured in a poem by the legendary Banjo Patterson will be strengthened with its own locality.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart announced the new locality of Yaraka, located 220km south of Longreach in the heart of Western Queensland.

“As part of the Palaszczuk Government’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan, we want to see more Queenslanders get out and see more of this great state,” Mr Stewart said.

“Yaraka has a long and colourful history and is the perfect place for Queenslanders to visit on their outback road trip.

“The community of Yaraka were unanimous in their support for the new locality, which will strengthen the town’s identity and help the community survive into the future.”

The change has officially removed the town of Yaraka from its previous locality of Isisford, for the first time giving Yaraka its own unique address.

Yaraka is about 100km south of Isisford by road.

In 2017 Yaraka, named after the Indigenous word for white spear grass, celebrated its centenary, with the town established when the railway line from Emmet to Yaraka was opened in 1917.

The town has an official population of 15 residents and is home to a number of historic attractions including Magee’s Shanty, immortalised in Banjo Paterson’s ‘Bush Christening’, along with the ruins of the famous Cobb and Co pub.

The town’s unofficial mascots, a pair of emus named Carol and Kevin, became worldwide sensations after they were banned from entering the local pub due to bad behaviour.

Mr Stewart said creating the new locality would likely improve postal and emergency services for Yaraka and prevent confusion with the nearby town of Isisford.

“This is a win-win solution for the residents of Yaraka, and for the emergency services when they need to get to an address in a hurry,” Mr Stewart said.


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