Queensland’s North West Minerals Province get Dutch showcase

Published Monday, 05 July, 2021 at 02:42 PM

Minister for Resources
The Honourable Scott Stewart

Queensland’s North West Minerals Province has been on show to international investors as part of a special presentation.

Resources Minister Scott Stewart said experts from his department hosted an engagement session with the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers to showcase Queensland’s minerals supply and investment opportunities.

“The resources sector continues to be a key job driver and is an essential part of the Palaszczuk Government’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan,” Mr Stewart said.

“Being able to showcase the North West Minerals Province to the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers is important in promoting the potential of Queensland’s resources sector.

“The group is the largest employers' organisation in the Netherlands, with a membership of more than 160 branch associations representing more than 185,000 enterprises.”

Mr Stewart said the presentation included an overview of Queensland’s new economy minerals potential, industry, governance and credentials, particularly in relation to sustainability.

“It will build awareness, understanding, intelligence and ultimately, opportunity identification for inward investment and customer offtake,” Mr Stewart said.

“Sessions like this are great for Queensland as there are great benefits to the state through mutual sharing of information about trade requirements into the European Union, and linkages to Dutch companies or activities in Queensland. 

“The Palaszczuk Government knows there is huge potential in the North West Minerals Province, and this is yet another step we are taking to make sure the rest of the world knows about it too.”

The engagement session is part of a broader program with similar events held across Europe.

To date engagements have been held with government and industry groups in France and Germany and one will also be conducted in London in the future.

Mr Stewart said there is a new market for growing the Queensland minerals sector in Europe.

“Like many parts of the world, Europe is going through a large shift towards lowering emissions and clean energy,” he said.

“This is driving demand for minerals, such as those used in electric vehicles.

“You can't have a renewable energy industry without a strong mining industry and Queensland is well-placed to take advantage of these changes in Europe.

“Queensland has an abundance of these minerals including copper, rare-earth elements, cobalt, nickel, vanadium and more.

“This engagement will help create new, high-value and long-term markets, and establish new supply chains and value-adding infrastructure.”

Mr Stewart said the Palaszczuk Government was backing the potential of the North West Minerals Province with real investment.

“We’ve developed the $27 million Strategic Resources Exploration Program which has a strong focus on areas in and around Queensland's North West Minerals Province,” he said.

“Last year we also included a boost to the New Economy Minerals Initiative with an additional $10 million in Collaborative Exploration grants to help explorers discover new economy minerals and support future jobs in Queensland's resources sector.

“The development of the North West Minerals Province will create jobs and opportunities throughout Queensland.

“That’s why we’re seeing international interest in Queensland’s resources sector.”


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