New savings measures for Queensland

Published Thursday, 09 July, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Treasurer, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning
The Honourable Cameron Dick

The Palaszczuk Government will implement $3 billion worth of savings measures.

Treasurer Cameron Dick said the savings would be achieved without cutting frontline services, sacking public servants or selling assets.

“The economic turmoil unleashed by COVID-19 continues around the world and here in Australia,” the Treasurer said.

“While we continue to Unite and Recover to take the necessary steps to limit the risk of virus transmission, we are also delivering our plan to get our economy back up and running and ensure more Queenslanders get back to work.

“In this difficult economic environment, all decisions will be guided by these key priorities:

  • creating jobs
  • building essential infrastructure and
  • delivering frontline services.

“That’s why I am announcing a range of savings measures that will aim to prioritise functions and, together with the public service wage freeze, enable a savings target of $3 billion over four years.”

The measures announced by the Treasurer include:

  • Maintain public service positions at 1 July 2020 levels (excluding frontline services) for 12 months in line with the priorities outlined above
  • Internal recruitment only to fill non-frontline roles for 12 months
  • Limit secondment of frontline staff to non-frontline roles
  • Better utilise outer urban government office space to allow more public servants to work closer to home
  • Stop the reallocation of non-frontline public service positions into the Brisbane CBD including 1 William Street
  • Natural reduction of Senior Executive Service roles
  • Consolidation of underutilised government social media accounts
  • Six-month hold on non-essential new ICT projects
  • Reduce the use of external consultancies and contractors by government with a view to ending arrangements where possible
  • Limit printing of glossy publications to those focused on creating jobs, attracting industries or building economic recovery
  • Simplify production of government annual reports to reduce production costs
  • Eliminate program replication across agencies
  • Cease production of marketing materials except for critical government activities:
    • Essential information on Queensland’s Unite and Recover economic plan including tourism, business promotion and investment attraction
    •  Public and road safety

The Treasurer said the measures outlined would provide significant savings without the need to cut services, sack public servants or sell Queensland assets.

“If the LNP were confronted with the challenges facing Queensland today, their answer would be austerity measures” he said.

“Austerity would mean Queenslanders going without the vital frontline services they need and deserve.

“Austerity would mean cutting jobs, not creating them – and the Palaszczuk Government’s principal focus is on supporting jobs growth and business recovery.

“Through prudent savings measures, responsible borrowing and our relentless focus on creating and supporting jobs, the Palaszczuk Government will ensure we can Unite and Recover to enable Queensland’s continued resurgence in a post-COVID world.”


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