Fishers shell out massive fine for taking too many molluscs

Published Friday, 20 March, 2020 at 12:59 PM

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries
The Honourable Mark Furner

Two recreational fishers have been fined a total of $14,500 for taking excess molluscs from Moreton Bay.

Member for Redlands Kim Richards said Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers intercepted the pair after a tip-off from the public in 2018.

“They were found on the mud banks near Jacobs Well on the northern Gold Coast collecting mud arks and whelks.” Ms Richards said.

“Our officers seized five shopping bags containing molluscs. In total the bags contained 1476 bivalve molluscs which was 1326 over the legal amount under the laws of the time.”

Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said one man, who had a history of similar offences, was fined $10,000 in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court, while his companion was fined $4,500 .

“Gastropods and bivalve mollusc species are highly susceptible to depletion because they remain in one place and can be easily accessed in fishing grounds close to urban centres,” Mr Furner said.

“This case shows why the Queensland Government stepped in last year to impose a total ban on the taking of gastropods and bivalve molluscs, other than pipis from Moreton Bay.

“We make no apologies for being tough on illegal fishing. This is what it takes to build a legacy of a sustainable fishery for our children and grandchildren.”

Mr Furner said there is a combined limit of 30 bivalve molluscs or gastropods outside of Moreton Bay that can be taken or possessed per person.

“I want to thank the members of the public that tipped QBFP staff to this illegal activity,” Mr Furner said.

“Our state’s fisheries resources belong to all Queenslanders and it’s our job to protect fish stocks for the future.”

People who suspect illegal fishing activity should report it to the 24 hour toll-free Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116.

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