LNP announce privatisation of Queensland hospital jobs

Published Friday, 27 September, 2019 at 09:04 AM

Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services
The Honourable Steven Miles

Statements today by the Opposition Leader that an LNP government would privatise more Queensland Health jobs will send a chill down the spine of the state’s medical workers.

Health Minister Steven Miles said Queensland hospitals already worked with the private sector in times of high-demand such as the flu season to ensure patients continued to have access to world-class health care.

“Annual reports shows that 99% of patients with the most urgent need for medical care are seen immediately,” The Minister said.

“That’s because we’ve employed more doctors, more nurses and other medical professionals to ensure that when you’re sick, you can be seen by a doctor.

“We’ve hired 5,987 more nurses and midwives, 2,020 more doctors, 1,760 more health professionals and 510 more paramedics.

“And this financial year we’re hiring nearly 800 more nurses, 200 more doctors, 250 more health professionals and 200 more ambulance officers.

“The federal government has cut health funding and overseen increases in health insurance premiums, there is more pressure on our hospitals.”

“They’ve cut funding from our hospitals, abandoned frail and elderly Queenslanders in aged care facilities, failed to provide affordable and accessible GPs and under the Morrison Government private health insurance premiums have soared.

The Minister said the Leader of the Opposition should explain her plans for privatisation of Queensland Health.

“We already work with the private sector in times of high need,” he said.

“And we’re introduced a Bill that will allow private hospitals and aged care facilities to publicly report some of their performance – so Queenslanders can compare to the public system.

“The Opposition Leader’s comments that the LNP would partner with the private sector can only mean she wants to privatise Queensland Health jobs and that means sacking doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

“The Opposition Leader has made $8 billion in unfunded commitments and it’s time for the LNP to make it clear how they will pay for those commitments.

“They’re legacy is cutting, sacking and selling and Queenslanders deserve to know what their plans are.”

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