Don’t be a fool, Queensland – check your smoke alarms on 1 April

Published Monday, 01 April, 2019 at 06:31 AM

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services
The Honourable Craig Crawford

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is urging Queensland property owners to put home fire safety first on 1 April and check their smoke alarms are in working order.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford said Queenslanders needed to take home fire safety seriously.

“Smoke alarms play a vital role in home fire safety, but only working smoke alarms save lives,” Mr Crawford said.

“Today, April 1, we’re reminding Queenslanders to test their alarms.

“It only takes a few minutes to do and could save your life.”

Mr Crawford said everyone needed to be aware of smoke alarm legislation introduced in 2017, especially those undertaking new builds or significant renovations.

“In Queensland there are laws specifying the type, positioning and power supply of smoke alarms,” he said.

“Every Queensland residence should be fitted with photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms in all bedrooms of the home as well as in hallways, and on each storey of the home.

“Houses and units built or substantially renovated after January 1, 2017 need to comply with the legislation now.

“All houses or units being sold or leased, or existing leases renewed will need to comply from January 1, 2022, and all other dwellings from January 1, 2027.

“In addition, if you are replacing a smoke alarm you must replace it with a photoelectric type alarm.”

QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll encouraged Queenslanders who weren’t sure about home fire safety to book a free Safehome fire safety visit.

“The program helps residents to identify fire and safety hazards in and around the home,” Ms Carroll said.

“Most properties have different requirements so it’s important to identify the correct positioning of smoke alarms and develop a home fire safety plan.

“A visit should take no longer than 45 minutes and could save your life and property.”

Information on how to book a Safehome visit can be found at

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