Queensland driver licences next in line for digital evolution

Published Wednesday, 24 October, 2018 at 03:49 PM

Minister for Transport and Main Roads
The Honourable Mark Bailey

Queenslanders could soon have the option to store their driver licences digitally on their mobile devices

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the Palaszczuk Government is well on the way in the development of digital IDs.

“This initiative aligns with the community’s growing preference to have a digital option for how they manage their affairs, including government transactions,” Mr Bailey said.

“The way we use driver licences today is different from when they were first introduced in 1910 in a paper format.

“Not only is the driver licence an official document that allows you to legally drive, it is also widely accepted as a primary form of identification.

“Queenslanders use their driver licence to rent a house, open a bank account, book Airbnb, or check-in to a hotel. A digital driver licence will allow people to do all of this via their mobile device.

“We’re not phasing out physical licences but we think people should be given the choice to have a digital option, if that’s their preference.”

Mr Bailey said security of personal information would be a critical feature in the design of the digital wallet.

“Like any personal data used for digital transactions, we must ensure customer information is protected to the highest standard,” Mr Bailey said

“Unlike a physical driver licence, the digital wallet gives you control about how much information you allow a third party to see, copy and retain.

“A digital wallet can be more secure than a physical licence as security features include the ability to verify a digital wallet by scanning a QR code or similar.

“For example, to prove you are over 18 to access a venue, you could do that without having to show your address or date of birth.

“You could simply show your phone, with a photo and an indicator would to confirm you are over 18.”

Mr Bailey said a procurement process to engage a vendor to develop a digital wallet and supporting platforms would start soon, with an industry briefing event being held on 26 October.

“Shortlisted vendors will be engaged to develop the wallet via a co-design and user testing process to help determine what features the public would like and to ensure accessibility issues are addressed,” he said

“A pilot for the digital wallet could be ready in second half of 2019.

“It will likely start with learner licences and proof of age cards, before looking to expand to other licences, products and functionality at a later stage.

“There will also be the opportunity to include other services in the future, including allowing customers to change their address, renew their licence and pay their registration fees through the digital wallet.

“This initiative aligns with Palaszczuk Government’s priority to deliver an easy to use and accessible digital service that meets the needs of the community.” 

To find out more about the Digital Wallet and the industry briefing event, please visit www.tmr.qld.gov.au/digitalwallet


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