Doctors welcome hospital name announcement

Published Friday, 21 September, 2018 at 10:49 AM

Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services
The Honourable Steven Miles

Queensland’s specialist paediatric hospital will change its name to “Queensland Children’s Hospital”.

The State Government agreed to the name change after requests from the hospital’s medical staff association, its Board, the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the public.

Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Steven Miles said the government made the decision after more than 900 hospital staff signed a petition requesting the State Government change the name change. A public survey of more than 38,000 people showed 62% in favour of changing the name.

Chair of the Medical Staff Association Dr Ben Whitehead said the decision would mean better care for sick Queensland kids.

“Researchers believe the current hospital name causes confusion overseas and jeopardises their chances of partaking in international trials,’ Dr Whitehead said.

Mr Miles said works to change the name of the hospital to Queensland Children’s Hospital would not cost the health department a cent.

“There will not be one less cent available for the provision of healthcare for sick kids because of this name change,” Mr Miles said.

Changes to stationary and uniforms would happen over time as needed.

The name change would help better identify the hospital as belonging to Queensland, capitalising on the state’s international reputation for world-leading medical research.

“This will help attract the best research which will develop the best medicine which will save more children’s lives,” Mr Miles said

The Minister said that was ultimately in the best interests of Queenslanders.


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