Planning for growth sees change in legislation

Published Wednesday, 19 September, 2018 at 11:53 AM

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning
The Honourable Cameron Dick

The Palaszczuk Government has today introduced legislation to modernise economic development and planning legislation in Queensland and support job creation.

Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Cameron Dick said the proposed changes would continue to foster a job-generating environment in Queensland.

“Our government is focused on creating a thriving and inclusive Queensland where economy, industry and communities prosper and we need planning frameworks which are primed to facilitate and deliver economic and community development,” he said.

Mr Dick said some of the key aspects of the legislation impact the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and Sanctuary Cove.

“These legislation changes will make sure that planning for the islands in Southern Moreton Bay including, Russell, Macleay, Karragarra and Lamb Islands, is up to date and contemporary,” he said.

“Repealing outdated legislation will mean certainty for landowners that they are required to abide by zoning requirements set out in the Redlands City Plan.”

Member for Redlands Kim Richards said the amendments made sure the planning framework for the community was contemporary and balanced the environment and development.

“There is a need to protect the unique island lifestyle for future generations,” Ms Richards said.

“Growth on the Islands is inevitable, but we need to ensure that the development is ecologically sustainable and our planning requirements are modernised and clear for everyone.”

Mr Dick said the proposed legislation amendments will also help Sanctuary Cove residents retire close to friends and family.

“Ageing in place is about caring for people and providing our seniors with the ability to retire in the community they know in appropriate accommodation and an ageing-friendly environment,” he said.

“At the time it was written, the Sanctuary Cove Resort Act did not include either a ‘retirement facility’ or ‘residential care facility’ use. This means that this type of development cannot currently occur at Sanctuary Cove Resort.

“These amendments will change that.”

Mr Dick said the amendments will not automatically allow for retirement and residential care developments to be facilitated, a development application will need to be lodged and consultation undertaken with the community.

The legislation also aims to streamline regulatory processes.

Mr Dick said the legislation also includes amendments that provide for more efficient development assessment in Priority Development Areas.

Further proposed amendments to other Acts include the Building Queensland Act 2015, Queensland Reconstruction Authority Act 2011, Planning Act 2016, Planning and Environment Court Act 2016 and the South Bank Corporation Act 1989.

He said the proposed amendments continue to require community consultation and refine the existing streamlined plan making process. 

“They will provide certainty to all parties including the local community and development industry,” he said.


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