State budget to deliver on Blue Card reform

Published Tuesday, 12 June, 2018 at 03:30 PM

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
The Honourable Yvette D'Ath

The Blue Card system will be allocated $17 million over the next three years to implement the government’s ‘no card no start’ laws and streamline the blue card application process.

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said the funding would boost the implementation of an online blue card application system.

“These funds will deliver an automated application system, improved processing times, and the implementation of the our promised ‘No Card No Start’ laws,” Mrs D’Ath said.

“Nothing is more important than the protection and safety of our children and this money will ensure Queensland’s Blue Card system continues to be one of the country’s most effective and comprehensive screening processes.

“Delivering the ‘No Card, No Start’ commitment is a major undertaking requiring a significant enhancement of infrastructure, and we will not shy away from this commitment.

“$17 million will be allocated over the next three years to streamline and strengthen the blue card application process through an automated application system.

“This investment will also deliver an organisational portal to assist employers to better meet their obligations under the system and remove the requirement for individuals to be linked to an employer before applying for a blue card, allowing Queenslanders to be job-ready.

Mrs D’Ath said with over 250,000 blue and exemption card applications each year it was important to get the best system possible.

“Our number one priority is the protection of children and ensuring there is adequate screening of those working with children, while also remembering that the vast majority of people applying for Blue Cards are community-minded people wanting to make a positive difference.”

Mrs D’Ath said the Palaszczuk Government had broadly supported the intent of the recommendations of the Keeping Queensland’s children more than safe: review of the blue card system report.

“The report found our current system was one of the strongest in the country, but this is no reason to get complacent and we must always be adopting new processes and technologies as they become available,” she said.

“The reforms are significant and will require a planned and considered implementation over phases and a number of years.  It is important that we get the staging of these reforms right.

“The report made 81 recommendations to further strengthen the Blue Card system, including: improving cultural capability in the system and conducting an overarching review of the legislation,’ Mrs D’Ath said.

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