Three questions for the LNP about guns

Published Thursday, 08 March, 2018 at 01:34 PM

Minister for Police and Minister for Corrective Services
The Honourable Mark Ryan

Police Minister Mark Ryan has called upon the LNP Opposition Leader to answer three questions in relation to her Deputy’s insinuations that the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has too much say in weapons legislation.

“The Member for Everton, now Deputy Opposition Leader for the LNP, has suggested that if in Government he would interfere in police operational decisions about weapons licensing,” Mr Ryan said.

“When Tim Mander was asked if police have too much influence over legislation, he said ‘it’s a very good point’.

“If anyone should have a say on firearms legislation, it should be the police who are the closest to gun crime.

“Just recently, Operation Quebec Camouflage, which targeted illegal firearms, led to the seizure of more than 1,000 weapons.”

Mr Ryan said Queenslanders should be very concerned that the LNP is taking donations from the pro-gun lobby.

The Minister tabled documents to Queensland Parliament today revealing donations to the LNP from entities associated with the pro-gun lobby, including an organisation whose stated aim is to undermine stable majority government by forcing by-elections and defections.

“I have three questions for the LNP,” Mr Ryan said.

“Does the Opposition Leader agree with her Deputy that police have too much say on gun legislation?

“What did the LNP discuss when they met with the Shooters Union at the last Parliament sitting?

“Who from the LNP met with the Shooters Union at the last Parliament sitting?”

Mr Ryan said you could not be tough on crime if you were soft on guns.

“We had the LNP at the last election making a commitment that they would weaken hand gun laws,” Mr Ryan said.

“Labor will never, ever support a weakening of our gun laws because we know they keep Queenslanders safe.”



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