Statement on the Indec report received by Queensland Rail

Published Monday, 31 October, 2016 at 10:47 PM

Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Games
The Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe

This evening following an enquiry from The Courier-Mail I was made aware of the existence of a report prepared by external consultants, Indec, reviewing Queensland Rail’s train service delivery.

To be clear, I was only provided with a draft version of this report this evening at 9.20pm.

The draft report clearly shows Queensland Rail personnel were aware from as early as January 2016 that there were significant risks attached to multiple projects as a consequence of a shortage of train driver resources.

I understand this report was prepared in January and I am deeply concerned it was not provided to me by Queensland Rail before now.

Last Monday, the then Chief Executive Officer of Queensland Rail Ms Helen Gluer said:

"My advice to the Minister prior to last Thursday (20 October) was Queensland Rail absolutely believed it would be able to deliver the timetable as scheduled from the 4th of October, clearly we have got that wrong."

Ms Gluer and the Chair of Queensland Rail Michael Klug resigned last Thursday.

I have instructed the Acting CEO Neil Scales to make any and all immediate required recommendations to Government that would address these clear shortcomings in the reporting and performance of the operation of Queensland Rail.

These matters will also be referred to the independent investigation being led by Philip Strachan into Queensland Rail train crewing practices.

I am committed to addressing the challenges in Queensland Rail to ensure the continued high quality delivery of services to the travelling public.


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