Deloitte to lead disability schooling review

Published Tuesday, 26 July, 2016 at 12:02 PM

Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism and Major Events
The Honourable Kate Jones

Deloitte has been appointed to lead a review into disability education in state schools.

Education Minister Kate Jones told a parliamentary estimates hearing today Deloitte was successful in an open tender process to undertake the review.

“The review will take an honest look at what we are doing well and areas in which the department can better support special education teachers,” Ms Jones said.

“Importantly, the review will engage the views of students with disability, their families and peers and other crucial members of school communities, particularly principals and teachers.

“The findings will help us provide the highest quality education to all students with disability currently enrolled in Queensland state schools.”

Ms Jones said the review would examine the policies and processes in place to support students with disability.

“We recognise our responsibilities are to support all students with disability to attend school and develop the knowledge and skills they need to engage fully in their lifelong learning journey.

“We therefore want to ensure we offer all students with disability the highest quality, evidence-based learning and teaching practices to ensure their education experience is successful and enjoyable.”

Currently there are more than 31,000 students, representing 5.8 per cent of total state school enrolments, who have a verified disability.

Ms Jones said the review was expected to take approximately 14 weeks and would be finalised by the end of October 2016.

“I look forward to considering the recommendations of this review so we can secure the best quality of life for our young Queenslanders with disability,” she said.

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