Statement from Education Minister Kate Jones

Published Tuesday, 07 June, 2016 at 09:25 AM

Minister for Education and Minister for Tourism and Major Events
The Honourable Kate Jones

Minister for Education Kate Jones today confirmed the Department of Education would review the Connect religious instruction syllabus materials taught in some state schools.

Ms Jones said the review of the Connect materials followed a principal’s decision to suspend religious instruction at his school because the principal believed some of the content in the materials may have been inconsistent with departmental policy.

"The Department of Education has had a long-term policy in place to ensure appropriate materials are taught as part of any religious instruction program in state schools," she said.

“I am concerned content outside the guidelines of this long-standing policy may currently be being provided in state schools.

“Any materials found to be in breach of the policy will be removed from schools."

Ms Jones said the department was reviewing the materials to ensure that content used in Religious Instruction meet the relevant guidelines.