Qld Government champions workplace cultural change on White Ribbon Day

Published Wednesday, 25 November, 2015 at 10:34 AM

Premier and Minister for the Arts
The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk

Queensland public sector employees experiencing domestic and family violence will now receive greater support within their workplace, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced today. 

At this morning’s White Ribbon Day breakfast the Premier launched a new support package that would provide special leave and flexible working arrangements. 

The Premier said that, as the largest employer in the state, the Queensland Government was proud to lead by example in providing compassionate, practical support. 

“The Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce’s report Not Now, Not Ever underlined how important it is to provide support in the workplace for employees affected by violence in the home,” Ms Palaszczuk said. 

“My government wants to be a champion for workplace cultural change. 

“I encourage all Queensland employers to look at what we are doing and think about what they can do in their own workplaces to help colleagues at their most vulnerable." 

Queensland Government employees experiencing domestic violence will now be offered 10 days paid leave per year to attend medical, legal and counselling appointments and arrange alternative accommodation and child care assistance. 

The Premier said all departments would have comprehensive policy outlining how to support affected employees and helping them to address issues such as support services and safety in the workplace. 

“A lot is happening on the domestic violence front because a lot needs to happen to deliver on our ultimate goal to end the violence,” the Premier said. 

“What we are aiming for is nothing less than a transformation of our culture.” 

At this morning’s breakfast, which raised funds for DV Connect, the Premier also announced the members of her Domestic and Family Violence Implementation Council, which will oversee the implementation of key recommendations of the Not Now, Not Ever report. 

‘I would like to acknowledge Quentin Bryce for her continued commitment to this cause, as Chair of this Committee,” Ms Palaszczuk said. 

“Some of these committee members already work in the sector, others are relatively new to the issue but all are driven by the need for real and lasting community change. I thank them all for making this commitment.”

 The council includes: 

  • Quentin Bryce (Chair)
  • Lance Hockridge (Deputy Chair)
  • Lachlan Heywood
  • Darren Lockyer
  • Edward Mosby
  • Natalie Lewis
  • Faiza El-Higzi
  • Denise Kostowski
  • Dr Shannon Spriggs Murdoch
  • Dr Wendell Rosevear
  • Kathryn McMillan QC
  • Karyn Walsh
  • Janette Phelan
  • Karni Liddell
  • Dr Kathleen Baird

 Full biographies of the committee members can be found at www.qld.gov.au/enddomesticandfamilyviolence

 Media contact: 0428 098 437