New approach takes Queensland ICT to the cloud

Published Tuesday, 27 May, 2014 at 07:23 AM

Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts
The Honourable Ian Walker

Significant savings, better frontline services and more opportunities for small business will flow from the release of the State Government Cloud Computing Strategy.

IT and Innovation Minister Ian Walker said the strategy gave the Queensland public service the tools to transition to a cloud-based environment, which would reduce costs by government moving away from owning and operating expensive ICT assets.

“Cloud computing dovetails with our push to create the best public service in Australia, and is part of our strong plan for a brighter future in Queensland,” Mr Walker said.

“The former Labor government was stuck in the past and it cost Queensland dearly.

“This is one of the most robust suite of tools to be delivered by any Australian government, helping to revitalise frontline services by giving agencies the agility to respond to changing business needs and priorities.

“The Strategy and Implementation Model is an update to the Queensland Government’s ICT Strategy and is critical to progress our ICT as a service policy, allowing us to only pay for what we use.

“We’ve seen this in action through initiatives such as the recent ‘cloud ready’ Microsoft deal that will save the government $13.7 million.

“Cloud computing is a key component of our ICT renewal agenda, which also includes the One-Stop Shop program to improve public access to government services and the highly innovative Open Data initiative.”

Mr Walker said the cloud approach would cut the cost of owning and maintaining ICT assets, keep government systems at the forefront of technological advances, allow a higher level of responsiveness and greater mobility, keep information secure and foster new approaches to government business.

“A rigorous governance framework around this strategy gives Queenslanders confidence that tax payers’ money is being spent prudently while ensuring the effectiveness of cloud services,” he said.

Queensland Government Chief Information Officer, Andrew Mills, said this was an excellent first step in leveraging the benefits of cloud computing.

“Our focus will now be to support agencies in the implementation of cloud solutions to meet their business needs,” Mr Mills said.

“The strategy update and implementation model were completed after extensive industry and government consultation and was a key recommendation of the Independent Commission of Audit and Queensland Government ICT Audit.”

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