Have your say on motorcycle road rule changes

Published Thursday, 22 May, 2014 at 04:45 AM

Minister for Transport and Main Roads
The Honourable Scott Emerson

Easing congestion on our roads and making it easier for motorcyclists to ride are the main purposes behind a new discussion paper for Queenslanders to have their say on.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said including lane filtering in the road rules was one of the proposed changes in the Motorcycle discussion paper, which delivered on the Government’s election promise to revitalise frontline services.

“We want to ensure our legislation reflects the reality of how motorcycle riders actually use our road,” Mr Emerson said.

“Labor was happy to bring in motorcycle legislation that was unclear and did not reflect reality, but this discussion paper shows that we have a strong plan for a brighter future.

“Lane filtering is when riders move at low speeds between vehicles that are stopped or moving slowly and is already practiced by some motorcycle riders.

“While it is not banned in Queensland, the rules around lane filtering are not clear.

“Currently if a rider lane filters they could be breaking a number of road rules such as not staying within a marked lane or changing lanes without signalling.

“If lane filtering is introduced, as it will be soon in NSW, it could ease traffic congestion and make the rules clearer for all road users.

“As well as delivering on our promise to revitalise front line services it will also reduce unnecessary red tape.”

Mr Emerson said how a rider sits on a bike and proposed changes to helmet standards is also part of the discussion paper.

“Currently the legislation dictates where riders must have their hands and feet and how they must sit,” he said.

“While the intention of the rule was to prevent reckless and dangerous behaviour it doesn’t take into account the everyday practicalities of riding a motorcycle.

“By broadening the rules it will mean a rider can remove their feet to reverse park or take their hands off the handle to adjust their visor and not be in breach of the law. 

“Under the proposed changes any helmet approved under international standards that meets the same protection as Australian standards will be allowed.”

All road users are encouraged to have their say on these changes by filling out the online survey at www.getinvolved.qld.gov.au

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