Busway Expansion on fast track

Published Friday, 14 July, 2006 at 02:22 PM

Minister for Transport & Main Roads
The Honourable Paul Lucas

The Beattie Government is speeding up construction of Brisbane's $1.9 billion busway network to keep pace with the spectacular growth in patronage, Transport and Main Roads Minister, Paul Lucas, said today.

Minister Lucas said the Government would spend $180 million this financial year on construction and planning, to expand the network.

"People are voting with their feet. Patronage across TransLink services continues to grow at the phenomenal rate of around 10 percent each year," Mr Lucas said.

"The Government has made a major commitment to match that growth with fast, reliable and efficient public transport - completion of the busway network is a crucial part of that.

"Busways will complement our rail network to complete Brisbane's major public transport network," he said.

"Brisbane's busway network will be able to provide services so frequently that residents virtually will be able to throw away their timetables," Mr Lucas said.

"The existing South East Busway, and the Inner Northern Busway from Herston to Roma Street, provide major time savings and convenience for patrons, and they will be even more attractive to travellers when related projects are completed.

"Work is underway, to differing extents, on all remaining sections of the planned Brisbane busway network," he said.

Mr Lucas today delivered a report card on remaining busway projects:

·Inner Northern Busway (INB) – Construction is under way on the $333 million extension from Queen Street underground to King George Square and on to the Roma Street Transit Centre and the existing INB at Countess Street.

·Northern Busway – $812 million extension from the INB at Herston to Bracken Ridge. Advanced planning and public consultation is taking place to finalise the route and the location of busway stations. Release of the Environmental Impact Statement is due in August

·Eastern Busway – $954 million project from Buranda Busway Station to Capalaba. Extensive public consultation is underway to customise the busway design to fit the needs of communities along its eventual corridor

·Boggo Road Busway – $217 million extension from the Eastern Busway linking the Princess Alexandra Hospital and the future Boggo Road Precinct with the Green Bridge. Construction has commenced on the eastern section while extensive consultation continues to finalise planning for the western section.

·South East Busway - $32 million project to extend the busway to Springwood, planning is under way

·Upgrades of bus stations and bus stops and special bus priority measures are also being put in place across the south east.

"We're also committed to major public transport improvements on the SunshineCoast and the Gold Coast," Mr Lucas said.

"These include planning for a $914 million Gold Coast Rapid Transit System and staged construction of the $2.6 billion CAMCOS transit corridor on the SunshineCoast.

"Bus priority measures include bus-only lanes, queue jump lanes and bus priority signalling to improve travel times for bus services.

"Brisbane's world class network of busways - built by the Beattie Government - is delivering real benefits by slashing travel times and encouraging people to leave their cars at home.

"We're keeping Brisbane moving and we’re building a world class busway network that will bring big time savings for bus travellers - up to 20 minutes in peak periods on the Inner Northern Busway alone.

"Busways are not like normal bus routes. They operate like a train line and are for buses only. Bus trips will be fast, frequent and reliable because there are no traffic lights.

"Motorists will feel the difference - there'll be less traffic. Every full bus takes 40 cars off the road.

“As the busway network unfolds, you'll be able to travel on a bus from one side of the city to the other without leaving your seat," Mr Lucas said.

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