Funding to keep Napranum, Mapoon beaches clean

Published Thursday, 04 July, 2024 at 08:08 AM

Minister for State Development and Infrastructure, Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Racing
The Honourable Grace Grace

  • Tangaroa Blue Foundation has received a $60,000 grant to support the Napranum and Mapoon and communities to remove litter from key turtle-nesting beaches
  • The foundation is one of 13 community groups that will share in $750,000 from the Miles Government for projects that will clean up Queensland’s beaches and waterways.

The crucially important turtle-nesting beaches of Napranum and Mapoon on Cape York Peninsula will be litter-free thanks to grant funding from the Miles Government.

Visiting Napranum, the community’s Ministerial Champion Grace Grace announced Tangaroa Blue Foundation will receive a $60,000 grant to support annual beach clean-ups along Back Beach, Mapoon, and Pennefather, Napranum beaches.

The multi-day events will focus on the area’s significant turtle-nesting beaches and will provide a valuable educational experience for community partners and visiting volunteers.

This project is one of 13 that will share in grants totalling $750,000 through the Miles Government’s Community Sustainability Action Grants for Litter and Marine Debris Clean Up and Prevention projects.

Under the program, grants of up to $75,000 were available to community groups for on-ground projects that will remove marine debris from beaches, creeks, rivers, and wetlands, and litter from community spaces including parks and reserves.

The grants will also be used to support communities to set up local solutions to prevent litter and marine debris from entering waterways and community areas, such as community engagement programs.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for State Development and Infrastructure and Napranum Ministerial Champion, Grace Grace:

“The Miles Government is doing what matters to Queenslanders by protecting our unique natural environment and the species who call it home.

“We know that general waste, fishing lines and fishing nets make up most of the litter entering our waterways and washing up on our beaches, and we have seen the devastating impact this litter has on our marine life.

“This grant to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation will enable it to host community clean-ups along Back Beach, Mapoon, Pennefather and Napranum beaches to remove rubbish and ensure the area remains pristine for the species who call it home.”

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries and Mapoon Ministerial Champion, Mark Furner:

“The Cape’s spectacular waterways and beaches are worthy of protection because of their cultural significance and the precious native species they support.

“That’s why we’re supporting communities on the Cape with their efforts to protect the natural environment in this way.

“These Cape communities, including Mapoon, will put these funds to good use as they carry on protecting the local environment, as they have done for millennia.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Cook Cynthia Lui MP:

“Our remote coastal communities are – sadly – seeing more waste wash up from offshore. These environments are important nesting areas for turtles, and home to many marine and bird species.

“It is wonderful to be able to provide support to groups like Tangaroa Blue that are working with the community and volunteers to host clean-ups of marine debris.”

Quotes attributable to Marietta Matasia, Ranger Coordinator, Nanum Wungthim Land and Sea Management:

“During the monsoon season, tonnes of ghost nests and marine debris are thrown onto our shores with every king tide.

“During a previous beach clean-up event my rangers worked with the Tangaroa team and approximately 60 tourists, locals, traditional owners and elders, and other stakeholders to remove 4.8 tonnes of marine debris over 5 days from 5km of beach.

“This grant funding will allow even more people from far and wide to be part of something meaningful and see firsthand the tiresome efforts the rangers undertake as custodians of the country they live, work on, and care for.

“It will also allow the community at large to appreciate the best our beautiful western cape has to offer.

“We are already receiving interest from local organisations wanting to be involved in the up-coming beach clean-ups, and we are hoping to double or even triple the number of participants this year. Many hands make light work.”

Quotes attributable to Tangaroa Blue Foundation chief executive officer, Heidi Tait:

“Tangaroa Blue has been working with communities across Cape York on marine debris clean-ups for over 12 years, and due to the constant flow of rubbish washing up from offshore sources in these remote areas, continued clean-up efforts are needed.

“We are excited to be able to continue our partnership with the communities of Mapoon and Napranum for our annual large-scale beach clean-up events this year."