New Bridge for Bribie Island

Published Tuesday, 02 July, 2024 at 12:52 PM


The Honourable Steven Miles

Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment
The Honourable Cameron Dick

Minister for Transport and Main Roads and Minister for Digital Services
The Honourable Bart Mellish

  • A re-elected Miles Labor Government will deliver a new $700 million bridge to Bribie Island.
  • The new link would create a safer, more reliable and accessible connection between Bribie Island and the mainland.
  • This first commitment of the Miles Labor Government for the 2024 Queensland Election will be fully funded through new borrowings.

The Miles Labor Government has announced its first 2024 election commitment, a new $700 million bridge to Bribie Island.

The new bridge would be part of a re-elected Miles Government’s continuing commitment to deliver the infrastructure that Queenslanders deserve.

The new bridge is key element of delivering four lanes for traffic along the entire length of Caboolture–Bribie Island Road.

The proposed concept design will provide two eastbound traffic lanes and a dedicated active transport path for bike riders, pedestrians and mobility devices.

Westbound traffic would use both lanes of the existing bridge.

Population and traffic volumes have grown significantly since the existing bridge was built in 1963, and traffic volumes are expected to continue to grow into the future.

While a business case for the new Bribie Island bridge is yet to be concluded, the Miles Labor Government has committed $700 million in new borrowings to fund this commitment.

Quotes attributable to Premier Steven Miles:

“Moreton Bay is one of the fastest growing areas in our state, and the Government I lead is committed to doing what matters for Queenslanders here and right across this vast state.

‘Extensive community consultation has already shown that Bribie Island locals and visitors alike understand the need to plan for the future.

“It’s my commitment to Queenslanders that if re-elected, I will build a new bridge for Bribie Island.”

Quotes attributable to Deputy Premier and Treasurer Cameron Dick:

“Our Government is committed to doing what matters to Queenslanders right now, through 20 per cent off rego and almost free public transport that will start next month.

“But we also understand how important it is to plan for the future, and that means being able to show Queensland how much our plans will cost, and how we will pay for them.

Quotes attributable to Member for Pumicestone Ali King:

“This is great news for our community.

“Locals tell me every day they are concerned about access, safety and congestion around the existing Bribie Island bridge, especially when traffic incidents occur.

“This commitment from a re-elected Miles Labor Government is what matters to locals.

“A new bridge for Bribie Island has been talked about for many years now, and I’m very proud to be part of a Government that is committed to deliver it.”

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads Bart Mellish:

“A new bridge to Bribie Island has been talked about for a long time, and the Miles Government will deliver it.

“Considerable work has already been undertaken, including the completion of technical investigations, options analysis and community consultation to inform development of a concept design.

“The concept design is a sustainable, flexible, and cost-effective solution, fully utilising the existing bridge to reduce the width, cost and impact associated with constructing a new four lane bridge.”