New Queensland Fire Department signals dawn of new era for fire services

Published Monday, 01 July, 2024 at 07:00 AM

Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery and Minister for Corrective Services
The Honourable Nikki Boyd

  • From today, the former Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) becomes the Queensland Fire Department (QFD).
  • QFD encompasses Queensland Fire and Rescue (QFR), Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ), corporate services and State Operations.
  • Services provided by QFR and RFSQ to the community remain the same.
  • The renewed focus of QFD will result in more people and better equipment for those services, as they continue to respond to increasing challenges including population growth and climate change.


The establishment of a dedicated fire department will bring renewed focus to firefighting in Queensland, as the state continues to address the increasing challenges of population growth and climate change.

From today, the former Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) will become the Queensland Fire Department (QFD).

Encompassing Queensland Fire and Rescue and Rural Fire Service Queensland, QFD will focus on firefighting and rescue operations in urban and rural environments across the state.

QFD will continue to play a vital role in the response to severe weather, with QFR firefighters continuing swiftwater, vertical, confined space and other elements of technical rescue that are relied upon during natural disasters and other major incidents.

QFR will receive a significant funding boost and an additional 143 firefighter positions to enhance its multi-hazard response capabilities to help protect communities and keep Queenslanders safe.

With an ever-increasing demand for service, QFR will have an overall increase of 500 additional firefighters over six years.

RFSQ is undertaking a statewide recruitment campaign to fill an additional 114 newly created full-time positions in training, management and support roles to back more than 27,000 volunteers across Queensland communities.

A new Rural Fire Service Advisory Committee (RFSAC) has been formed consisting of 10 volunteers from across the state, the Acting Chief Officer Ben Millington, South Eastern Region Deputy Chief Officer Karen Hodges AFSM, South Western Assistant Chief Officer Wayne Waltisbuhl and Northern Area Manager Fiona Quirk.

The RFSAC will be the peak consultative committee and advise the Chief Officer on strategic priorities including operations, fleet and equipment, training and development, and membership.

Both QFR and RFSQ have transitioned from a seven-region model to a service-specific four-region model, delivering a more streamlined response across the state.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery Nikki Boyd

“The launch of QFD means the same trusted service to Queenslanders, with the added benefits of increased funding, more equipment, training and resourcing for both QFR and RFSQ.

“QFD will continue to work with local councils, other emergency response agencies, industry and other partners to prepare communities for fire threats through education and mitigation activities.

“With the next bushfire and severe weather seasons just around the corner, it’s vital Queensland has a strong, focussed QFD.

“Together, we’ll respond to future challenges and be prepared for the increasing impacts we are seeing as a result of population increase and climate change.”

Quotes attributable to QFD Commissioner Steve Smith

“Months of hard work, planning and engagement has gone into the transition from QFES to form the Queensland Fire Department.

“This has ensured minimal disruption to existing services while we reform into a department that has a greater focus on fire prevention, response and service to the community.

“Queensland Fire and Rescue and Rural Fire Service Queensland now continue as separate dedicated services under the one banner.

“We are boosting the number of frontline and support staff, with hundreds of new recruits coming through the QFR academy and more than 100 positions to be filled across RFSQ to support volunteers.

“This reform gives us the best possible platform to continue delivering exceptional services to all Queenslanders and prepare for future challenges.”


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