Pride in our Communities: Miles Government proud to support LGBTQIA+ Queenslanders

Published Saturday, 29 June, 2024 at 12:00 PM


The Honourable Steven Miles

Minister for State Development and Infrastructure, Minister for Industrial Relations and Minister for Racing
The Honourable Grace Grace

Minister for Treaty, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Minister for Communities and Minister for the Arts
The Honourable Leeanne Enoch

Pride in our Communities: Miles Government proud to support LGBTQIA+ Queenslanders
  • The Miles Labor Government has released Pride in our Communities, Queensland’s first strategy for supporting LGBTQIA+ communities. 
  • Pride in our Communities is a commitment to every LGBTQIA+ Queenslander for a Queensland where they can live authentically, be included and live without fear of discrimination.
  • The strategy is supported by an initial action plan that includes meaningful actions to be taken by the Queensland Government to support LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • $200,000 in new funding provided to Brisbane Pride to support grassroots LQBTQIA+ organisations around the state.

In a landmark move towards advancing the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual plus (LGBTQIA+) people in Queensland, the Miles Labor Government has announced the launch of Pride in our Communities 2024 – 2032.

Shaped with LGBTQIA+ communities, advocacy groups and community leaders through unprecedented state-wide community engagement, the strategy is the first of its kind in Queensland.

Pride in our Communities is a long-term plan towards building a safe, inclusive and equitable Queensland where LGBTQIA+ people can live authentically, feel connected and access the services they need.

The whole-of-government strategy focusses on three key areas that matter most to LGBTQIA+ Queenslanders

  • shaping a LGBTQIA+ inclusive culture across Queensland
  • fostering stronger communities and connections; and
  • providing responsive, inclusive and accessible services. 

The foundational Pride in our Communities Action Plan 2024-2026 commits to a range of actions over the first two years of the strategy. 

The strategy is also backed by an initial investment of $1.035M over two years to establish the LGBTQIA+ Alliance for Queensland, to support networking, community building and advocacy to amplify LGBTQIA+ voices.

This builds on $6.8 million invested to implement a state-wide model of affirming care for LGBTIQ+, Sistergirl and Brotherboy communities in Queensland.

This care is delivered through a combination of face-to-face, online and telehealth, to provide targeted support for LGBTIQ+ people with physical and mental ill health and associated reduced psychosocial functioning.

And, this month, new laws commenced enabling parents of trans or gender diverse children under the age of 16 to apply to alter their child’s record of sex to align with the child’s identified sex.

The Miles Labor Government is also providing $200,000 to Brisbane Pride to support operational funding for grassroots LGBTQIA+ organisations across the state. .

Pride in our Communities is dedicated to the late Phil Carswell.

Quotes attributable to Premier Steven Miles:

“LGBTQIA+ Queenslanders will always have an ally in me, my government and the Labor Party.

“I stand for equality, for equity and for inclusion – always.

“This strategy is the first of its kind here in Queensland and seeks to map out how we can work together to improve the lives and experiences of LGBTIQA+ people.

“We’ve already taken significant steps, thanks in strong part to my late friend Phil Carswell, who helped to drive reform here in Queensland.

“It’s my commitment that there will be more positive change, more opportunity and greater access to services for Queenslanders, regardless of their sex, sex characteristics, gender or sexuality.”

Quotes attributable to Member for McConnel Grace Grace:

“The LGBTQIA+ community has long been an important part of the McConnel electorate I represent and I’ve long been a proud supporter of the community.

“The Miles Government’s commitment to the Pride in Our Communities strategy will direct the efforts towards strengthening outcomes for LGBTQIA+ Queenslanders.

“I took great pride last year in announcing at the annual Queens’ Ball that we would begin work on this strategy and I take great pleasure in its release today.

“All Queenslanders deserve equal access to healthcare, education, legal protections and support services and the work in this strategy will mean that governments of the future keep that equality top of mind.

“I extend my thanks to everyone who took part in the community consultations working towards this strategy and to all those who have worked so hard for a better, truly equal community for all of us.”

Quotes attributable to Minister Enoch:

“Every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex characteristics, deserves the same opportunities, rights, and respect as anyone else and that is why equality and equity drive this strategy.

“The journey to create Pride in our Communities has been a collective effort, shaped by the invaluable input of people from across Queensland's diverse LGBTQIA+ communities.

“I extend my deepest gratitude to LGBTQIA+ people who contributed to the development of this strategy and trusted us to share their stories.

“We heard loud and clear that LGBTQIA+ Queenslanders want policy and service delivery from Government that recognises their specific needs and that will support better outcomes for them.

“Our commitment to advancing the rights of LGBTQIA+ people in Queensland has been built on a foundation of transformative legislative and policy changes in recent years, and testament to the hard fought victories of LGBTQIA+ people before us, that have paved the way for this strategy.

“I am also grateful for the collective passion and commitment of the Queensland LGBTIQ+ Roundtable which has helped shape the development of this strategy and will continue to provide insights to help shape government policies and services.

Pride in our Communities is a commitment to building a Queensland where LGBTQIA+ communities can access the services they need in an inclusive way, and where LGBTQIA+ people belong and are celebrated. 

“We recognise that Queensland’s LGBTQIA+ communities have faced significant discrimination, loneliness and social isolation challenges in the past and sadly some challenges continue.

“It is from these struggles that we find the inspiration and determination to bring about positive and long-lasting change.

“That’s why the $200,000 allocated to Brisbane Pride for local pride organisations to foster safe and supportive spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to connect, share experiences and build strong community bonds is so important.

“We are serious about the actions in Pride in our Communities with an initial investment of $1.035M over two years into establishing Queensland’s first LGBTQIA+ Alliance.

“When established, the LGBTQIA+ Alliance will connect LGBTQIA+ people and organisations from across the breadth of our state, ensuring the inclusive message of Pride in our Communities reaches every corner of Queensland.

Quotes attributable to Rebecca Reynolds representing Queensland Council for LGBTI Health, co-Chair of the Queensland LGBTIQ+ Roundtable:

“I commend the Queensland Government for taking this significant step and releasing Pride in our Communities.

“This strategy answers the direct call from our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Asexual, Sistergirl and Brotherboy communities, including the Queensland LGBTIQ+ Roundtable, for a coordinated, whole-of-government LGBTIQA+ strategy.

“We also honour the late Phil Carswell OAM for his work to champion this significant commitment and to all of those within our communities whose voices have shaped and embedded change over the last 60+ years.

“A Strategy enables real, accountable and meaningful change to be implemented by the Government, in partnership with our communities and this approach remains key to the goals of the strategy being achieved.

“By prioritising healthcare access, education, legal protections and support services, the government is laying the foundations for accountable actions that will improve the lives and collective wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ people, Sistergirls and Brotherboys who come after us so that our lives are given the same chance to be respected and celebrated like all Queenslanders.

“We look forward to not just continuing the conversation but to achieving real and meaningful change.”

Quotes attributed to James McCarthy, President Brisbane Pride Incorporated:

“We are immensely grateful for the Queensland Government’s generous grant in support of LGBTQIA+ organisations in Queensland.

“We know that LGBTQIA+ organisations play a huge role in building vibrant, safe and inclusive communities where everyone can thrive.

“This funding represents a significant investment in the health and well-being of our communities across the state.

“It will be money well spent.”

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