Kabi Kabi People have Native Title recognised

Published Monday, 17 June, 2024 at 02:00 PM

Minister for Resources and Critical Minerals
The Honourable Scott Stewart

  • The Federal Court recognises Native Title rights of the Kabi Kabi People. 
  • Determination recognises non-exclusive rights over more than 365,000 hectares of land and water (including approximately 20,000 hectares of waterways) around the Sunshine Coast, in southeast Queensland.
  • Confirms the connection of the Kabi Kabi People to their traditional homelands.

The Federal Court today recognised the Native Title rights of the Kabi Kabi People at a hearing in Brisbane.

The determination means the Kabi Kabi People’s unbroken connection to land in parts of southeast Queensland, from west of Howard to Bribie Island, has been accepted.

The Kabi Kabi People now have legal recognition of their non-exclusive rights to more than 365,000 hectares of land and waters, meaning their rights coexist with the rights of other land users.

This week’s determination is part of a larger claim that is being determined in stages.

Quotes attributable to Resources and Critical Minerals Minister Scott Stewart:

“We are fortunate in Queensland to be home to two of the longest, continuing cultures in history, in the Aboriginal cultures and Torres Strait Islander cultures,” he said.

“That’s why recognising native title is a vital step on the way towards reconciliation – as it assists in preserving Indigenous culture, values, and traditions.

“The Kabi Kabi People have such a rich and vibrant history in the area and such a deep and intrinsic connection to the land and I congratulate them on their Native Title determination.

“The Queensland Government is committed to acknowledging First Nations peoples as the traditional owners of the land.

“Recognising native title demonstrates the respect and appreciation our unique First Nations’ cultures deserve and is a fundamental step on Queensland’s path to reconciliation and Treaty." 

Quotes attributable to Kabi Kabi Traditional Owner Michael Douglas:

 “This determination is important because it recognises that I am a traditional owner of these lands,” he said.

“This determination empowers us all and I am looking forward to passing on what this means with all of the Kabi Kabi People.”

Further information 

  • Further information on native title can be found here.