Budget brings water security and renewable energy to Central Queensland

Published Tuesday, 11 June, 2024 at 04:25 PM


The Honourable Steven Miles

Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment
The Honourable Cameron Dick

Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Minister for Water
The Honourable Glenn Butcher

  • $2.3 billion Big Build spend in 2024-25 to support 6,200 jobs.
  • $873 million for the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
  • $266.3 million in 2024-25 towards renewable energy projects.

Central Queensland to benefit from increased investment into health, infrastructure and education thanks to the 2024-25 Queensland Budget.

The 2024-25 Queensland Budget features a nation-leading $11.218 billion in concession and rebates to provide cost-of-living relief to Queenslanders, alongside a record $107.262 billion capital program for infrastructure statewide.

This Budget provides an infrastructure spend of $2.3 billion, with $266.3 million to be invested into major renewable energy projects in the region.

$92 million will be for CleanCo to progress renewables projects across Central Queensland, supporting the development of up to 2.3 gigawatts of new wind and solar projects, and $174.3 million will go towards jointly acquiring the 228 megawatt Boulder Creek Wind Farm near Rockhampton to support the state’s renewable energy targets.

$33.9 million will go towards progressing the Northern Land Expansion Project at Gladstone Port and help release additional land at the port to assist the development of renewable energy and other industries.

$39.5 million in 2024-25 will go towards upgrading the Rockhampton - Yeppoon Road, a regional road critical to connecting the Capricorn Coast to Rockhampton and the rest of the region and supporting defence, forestry and tourism as part of the state’s freight network.

Other major infrastructure projects will support reliable water supply for the region.

$311.1 million in 2024-25 to construct the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline, delivering water from the Lower Fitzroy River to Gladstone Area Water Board’s existing network, and $26.4 million in 2024-25 to construct the Mount Morgan Pipeline, connecting Gracemere to Mount Morgan suppling reliable water to more than 3000 people.

The Queensland Government is injecting a $873 million investment into the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, and $56.4 million for the Rockhampton Hospital, including $39.8 million to deliver the new Rockhampton Mental Health Unit Refurbishment and Expansion and $16.6 million to deliver a new Cardiac Hybrid Theatre.

Education will also benefit from a $90 million boost to maintain, improve and upgrade schools in Central Queensland.

$16.3 million will be invested to deliver an Industrial Technology Design building at Gladstone State High School. The building will include junior and senior workshops, robotics and electronics studios and student and staff amenities. $4.4 million will also go towards additional learning spaces at the Rockhampton Special School.

Quotes attributable to the Premier Steven Miles:

“I am doing what matters for Queenslanders and delivering the largest investment into Queensland Health services, infrastructure and frontline workers in the state’s history.

“Central Queensland has the potential to be a renewable energy superpower, so I am supporting that in my first budget as Premier.

“Unlocking this opportunity not only supports the State’s renewable energy targets, but also brings around 4,000 jobs to the region.

“I will always put Queenslanders first and do what matters most to them.”

Quotes attributable to the Deputy Premier and Treasurer Cameron Dick:

“We are backing Queenslanders and Queensland families with this Budget.

“We have already assisted more than 1,400 Queenslanders buy their first home in Central Queensland with $24.4 million worth of grants issued under the First Home Owner scheme since July 2016.

“And not only are we delivering action on cost of living, but we are also investing into the right infrastructure and services to support growth in the region.

“With major investment into renewable energy and the opportunity it brings we are powering the industries and jobs of the future and unlocking about 4,000 jobs for Central Queensland.

“Healthcare and education are at this budgets core and with $963 million to be invested into both, we’ll hire more doctors, nurses for the region, and improve school facilities to support learning outcomes for young Queenslanders.

“The Queensland Government listens to Queenslanders and acts on the issues that matter most to them which is exactly what this Budget delivers.

“We are bolstering the Australian Government electricity bill relief by $1,000, meaning that Queensland households will receive a $1,300 credit on their electricity bills.

“This budget was made with Queenslanders in mind, and we will do what matters most for them.”

Quotes attributable to Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing and Minister for Water and Member for Gladstone, Glenn Butcher:

“Cost of living is a big focus for this Budget – Gladstone households will benefit from $1000 off power bills and 20% off rego bills. 

“And I know sport is important to so many Gladstone families - we are increasing Fair Play vouchers to $200 and expanding the program to every Queensland child between 5-17 years old.

“I’m pleased to see critical funding to upgrade facilities at Gladstone State High School – I am so passionate about getting young people interested in STEM and manufacturing. There’s $16.3 to deliver robotics and electronics studios in a fantastic Industrial Technology Design building.

“The Miles Government’s Big Build is boosting water security in Central Queensland, with more than $300 million locked in for the Fitzroy to Gladstone Pipeline.

“While we’re getting on with delivering for Central Queensland, all the LNP do is whinge. We have a plan for cost of living and delivering infrastructure, all the LNP have is a plan to cut.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Rockhampton, Barry O’Rourke:

“I’m proud to be delivering a Budget for 2024-25 that continues to build on projects that matter to Rockhampton and the CQ region.

“An increase of over $64 million to a total of $873 million for the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service will deliver huge outcomes in the provision of health care to our community.

“With $56.4 million injected into Rockhampton Hospital this budget, we can be sure that our doctors and nurses are supported to give great medical care including $39.8 million towards the construction of a new mental health facility and $16.6 million to deliver a new Cardiac Hybrid Theatre.

“And, our students will benefit from a huge spend on Education, up a further $15.2 million from $74.8 million last year to $90 million to maintain, improve and upgrade schools in Central Queensland.

“Rockhampton Special School will receive an additional $4.4 million to go towards the new learning spaces adding to the work currently under way.

“We are putting Rockhampton and all Queenslanders first.”

Quotes attributable to Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga:

“I’m proud to be part of a Government that is helping reduce Queenslanders’ household bills.

“The $200 Fair Play vouchers for every Queensland child between 5-17 years old will make a big difference to household budgets.

“My daughter plays sport so I know that the cost of registration, insurance and uniforms quickly adds up.

“I’m also pleased to see work continuing on the $120 million Yeppoon-Rockhampton Road upgrade, as well as millions in upgrading our local schools such as Emu Park State School, Frenchville State School and Cawarral State School.”

Further information:

Other Central Queensland Budget investments include:

  • $41.1 million in 2024-25 to expand and improve social housing, delivered in partnership with the Australian Government.
  • $5 million in 2024-25 to undertake site security and safety works and pest and vegetation management at the former Great Keppel Island Resort Pty Ltd lease areas
  • $52.9 million in 2024-25 to replace and refurbish existing infrastructure at the Stanwell Power Station to ensure the continued reliability of electricity supply to Queensland and the National Electricity Market.
  • $60.5 million in 2024-25 for upgrades to the RG Tanna Coal Terminal, including the ship loader, conveyor systems, dozer replacements/ rebuilds and other components.
  • $20 million in 2024-25 for the construction of the Gladstone Transmission Training Hub a purpose-built training centre to support the regional growth of the electricity network.
  • $11.2 million in 2024-25 to deliver additional learning spaces in Central Queensland.