Upgraded Dalby Police Facility officially opens featuring tribute to fallen officers

Published Friday, 10 May, 2024 at 01:05 PM

Minister for Police and Community Safety
The Honourable Mark Ryan

  • The new Dalby Police Facility has been officially opened following a $19 million upgrade.
  • It features a memorial which was also unveiled, honouring fallen officers, Constable Matthew Arnold and Constable Rachel McCrow who both completed their first year of policing at Dalby Station.
  • The new station provides enhanced facilities to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) for frontline policing and will accommodate 60 staff.

The new Dalby Police Facility has officially opened following a $19 million upgrade, enhancing the capability of police for the Dalby community.

The station upgrade accommodates 60 operational staff, including officers for the Western Downs Patrol Group (WDPG), Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), Child Protection & Investigation Unit (CPIU), Highway Patrol, state-of-the-art Scenes of Crime section (SOC) with investigative laboratory, training capacity, major incident room and upgraded watchhouse facilities.

The station features a memorial which has been unveiled honouring fallen police officers Constable Matthew Arnold and Constable Rachel McCrow, who were murdered in the line of duty on December 12, 2022.

Constable Arnold and Constable McCrow completed their first year of policing at Dalby Station and remained close friends with many officers and staff from the area.

The memorial was jointly funded by Queensland Police Service Southern Region and Qld Police Union of Employees (QPUE).

Quotes attributable to Minister Mark Ryan:

“It is important for the Dalby Police Division to receive this upgrade, which boosts the policing capability in the region,” he said.

“The Government has committed $300 million across a five-year police infrastructure pipeline, and this station is just one of the many to receive an upgrade, continuing the commitment of keeping policing facilities at the highest standard.

“Honouring Rachel and Matt with this dedicated memorial is critical for our community as we keep our commitment to their families and colleagues to never ever forget their service and sacrifice.”

Quotes attributable to Commissioner Steve Gollschewski:

“The upgraded facility will help local police better serve the needs of the community through modern and purpose-built facilities,” he said.

“Building capabilities and equipping police with important resources, will not only help them keep the community safe, but help shape the next generation of policing.

“Constable Arnold and Constable McCrow’s deaths profoundly impacted the entire community, and their loss is still felt around the state. This memorial commemorates their memory and I thank all those in making it happen.”

Quotes attributable to QPU President Ian Leavers:

“The rebuild of Dalby station has been a project I’ve driven since I worked in the Region and identified the previous station had outlived its usefulness and become a hazard to the police working there.

“I thank the Police Minister for working with me to deliver this multi-million dollar rebuild.

“The new design is fit for purpose due to input from frontline police who understand the efficiencies that come from workflow when dealing with people in custody and victims of crime who need police assistance.

“The watchhouse will also assist in providing a greater level of surveillance for people in our care and the staff amenities have been upgraded to a modern standard.

“A plaque honouring the lives of Constable Matthew Arnold and Constable Rachel

McCrow will remind every person visiting Dalby Station of the sacrifice given by my two colleagues and prompt people to acknowledge what police are prepared to give to protect the community where they live and work.”  

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