Next phase of FNQ cyclone recovery receives major joint investment

Published Tuesday, 07 May, 2024 at 11:00 AM

Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery and Minister for Corrective Services
The Honourable Nikki Boyd

Community health, environmental management, small business and rural landholder support as well as rebuilding community recreational facilities are some of the main focuses of a new major disaster assistance package for Far North Queensland (FNQ), announced on Friday (April 3) by the Albanese and Miles Governments.


Jointly funded through Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), the support will help build on the momentum for communities continuing to rebuild following ex-Tropical Cyclone (TC) Jasper and ensure communities are better prepared for the next event.


A $3 million Rural Landholder Recovery Grants Program specific to FNQ Local Government Areas (LGAs) is being made available alongside a range of initiatives worth more than $112 million that will also benefit communities recovering from the December 2023 storms and floods in South East Queensland. This includes:


  • $51.3 million Environment Recovery Programs
  • $9.56 million Mental Health Program
  • $22.94 million Community Health and Wellbeing Program, Community Recovery and Resilience Officers, and Flexible Funding Grants Package
  • $14.81 million Sport and Recreation Community Facilities Program
  • $13.4 million Small Business Support Program


This latest extraordinary DRFA assistance package builds on the more than $160 million in support for Queenslanders affected by ex-TC Jasper, including approximately $11.4 million in Personal Hardship Assistance, $50 million for business and producer grants, and $29.25 million for FNQ’s tourism industry.


Quotes attributable to Federal Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt:

“The Albanese Government is committed to making sure communities are better prepared for natural disasters, so they can respond and recover quicker.”

“Whether it’s critical community infrastructure, boosting health and wellbeing, or keeping businesses ticking along, this package provides much-needed support to the Queensland communities that bore the brunt of those severe December disasters.

“The Rural Landholder Recovery Grants Program will help rural communities in the North with ongoing clean up efforts, and I’m particularly pleased to see FNQ benefit from a range of the other measures designed to help with longer-term recovery.

“This latest package is an upfront investment in supporting recovery and rebuilding communities to be more resilient in the years ahead.”

Quotes attributable to Minister responsible for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority Nikki Boyd:

“During my visits to areas affected by ex-TC Jasper, I have been impressed by the determination and resolve of those impacted to recover and rebuild,” Ms Boyd said.

“This new funding from the Queensland and Australian Governments provides further targeted support to deliver more positive outcomes, for communities, business, our environment, and the state as a whole.

“It’s a package built on comprehensive consultation, and now the work continues to deliver these initiatives and come out stronger than before.”

Quotes attributable to Senator for Queensland, Nita Green:


“Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper and the associated flooding in Far North Queensland caused widespread devastation over the Christmas period, which will take significant time and efforts to recover from.”


“Our focus is squarely on assisting those hardest hit to not only recover from the impacts of these extreme weather events but to be better equipped to deal with increasingly severe and intense cyclones and subsequent flooding.


“This latest funding recognises that communities need support across a range of sectors, and an event of this magnitude need continued support from both levels of  government.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Cairns, Michael Healy:

People who have been impacted continue to be affected long after the disaster has passed, so with the early recovery priorities either completed or well in hand, it’s time to turn or attention to the mid-to-long-term recovery.

“This announcement is good news for Cairns and the Far North, and signals we will continue to support affected communities as they recover.”

Breakdown of disaster support package:

Environment – $51.3 million

  • The $51.3 million Environment Recovery Program is designed to accelerate environmental and cultural recovery activities, including environmental investigations, clean-up flood debris from waterways and coastlines, aid riparian recovery, weed and pest management, biodiversity conservation, and restoration of environmental and cultural assets in national parks throughout the most heavily impacted areas. Available for both FNQ and SEQ.

Human and Social – $32.44 million

  • The $22.94 million Community Health and Wellbeing Program, Community Recovery and Resilience Officers, and Flexible Funding Grants package aims to mitigate psychosocial impacts, help impacted individuals access financial support, builders and services, and assist NGOs with disaster preparedness and response planning. Available for both FNQ and SEQ.
  • The $9.56 million Mental Health Program will fund Queensland Health to provide individual and family therapeutic interventions for impacted people, with particular attention paid to vulnerable people displaced from their home, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Available for both FNQ and SEQ.

Economic – $16.4 million

  • The $13.4 Small Business Support Program includes one-on-one case management focused on mental health and financial security, partnerships with councils and chambers of commerce to address local support needs, and grants for small businesses that have lost income due to prolonged isolation. Available for both FNQ and SEQ.
  • The $3.0 million Rural Landholder Recovery Grants Program will support the extraordinary clean up and reinstatement of rural residential properties that do not meet the criteria for primary producer assistance. Available for FNQ only.

Building – $14.81 million

  • The $14.81 million Sport and Recreation Community Facilities Program will help rebuild and repair sport and recreation facilities impacted by the cyclone and storms and floods. Available for both FNQ and SEQ.

Further information on DRFA exceptional circumstances assistance can be found at