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    Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
    The Honourable Jarrod Bleijie

    Government to sort the mess left by Labor

    Attorney-General and Minister for Justice
    The Honourable Jarrod Bleijie

    Friday, September 14, 2012

    Government to sort the mess left by Labor

    Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has today introduced the Body Corporate and Community Management and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, which removes the controversial reversion process introduced by the former Labor Government.

    Mr Bleijie said the reversion process has disadvantaged many lot owners, who had been forced to pay thousands of dollars more each year in body corporate fees.

    “Body Corporate has been used as a political football by the Labor Party but the Newman Government will get the balance right and fix this mess once and for all,” he said.

    “Most costs associated with living in a community title scheme are proportioned by a lot owner’s allocated contribution schedule lot entitlement (CSLE).

    “Prior to 2011, lot owners in community titles schemes could seek an adjustment to their scheme’s CSLEs by seeking an order from a court.

    “Any adjustment resulted in some owners paying a higher portion of the body corporate expenses than others.

    “In April 2011, the Labor Government amended the law so lot owners negatively affected by a CLSE adjustment could have it reverted to its original setting.

    “These changes effectively threw out the system of lot entitlements that had been in place since 1997 and reintroduced many abuses of the past.

    “The amendments turned the system on its head and upped the stakes particularly for owners on low and fixed incomes who have heavily criticised the move.

    “Our Bill abolishes the reversion provision so no more can been undertaken, any currently underway will be stopped and any that have occurred since April 2011 can be ‘undone’.”

    The changes will take effect from today.

    Mr Bleijie said the Government was committed to reducing red tape and regulation for the real estate industry.

    “To ensure the certainty of contracts we will remove unnecessary disclosure requirements, which are causing problems for sellers,” he said.

    “Also, sellers will no longer have to provide a copy of a community management statement (CMS) potentially saving hundreds of pages of red tape.”

    Media contact: Lisa O’Donnell – 0400 986 432