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    Premier and Minister for Reconstruction
    The Honourable Anna Bligh


    Premier and Minister for Reconstruction
    The Honourable Anna Bligh

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011


    $700m+ in reconstruction projects out to market - another $890m on way & $425m+ complete

    The Queensland Reconstruction Authority has released a new reconstruction pipeline map to assist the construction and infrastructure sectors ‘gear up’ for work and to target their resources.

    Premier and Reconstruction Minister Anna Bligh said the map provided a region by region overview of the pipeline of reconstruction projects and dollars.

    “The map shows that across Queensland there is currently $713 million worth of projects currently in-market, a further $894 million soon to come to market and $426 million of works completed,” she said.

    “For the first time, both industry members and the public have a visual picture showing how the reconstruction dollars are being rolled out across the State.

    “These dollars means jobs and more jobs. Estimates are that reconstruction of State roads, local government roads and local government assets (across 2010-11 to 2013-14) will support over 15,000 jobs across Queensland.

    “The map shows the value of projects already completed, the value of projects currently in-market (under construction or out to tender) and the value of near-market projects (projects that will soon be released to market).

    “The Authority has had regular meetings with many companies in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors and the most common request is for advice on where they need to focus their resources.

    “Industry wants to know where the major reconstruction projects are, and where the next round of projects coming to market will be located.

    “The pipeline map on the Authority’s website provides a monetary break down of the reconstruction program region by region.

    “The floods and cyclones impacted the entire state and with large-scale reconstruction projects underway in all corners of Queensland it is important we give industry an indication of what’s the next big job around the corner.

    “This will allow industry to prioritise how and where they target their resources. It gives them a good indication of where they will be needed, even before a call for project tender notices hits the newspapers,” she said.

    “The pipeline map is very industry-focussed and is all about the projects and dollars, so for members of the public who might just want a visual overview of what’s happening around the State we’ve also included a news and photo gallery.

    “The before and after photo gallery shows examples of damaged infrastructure that is now rebuilt and includes reconstruction news stories from around the state.

    “The map also allows the public to upload their own before and after images,” she said.

    The project pipeline and photo gallery maps can be viewed at

    Ms Bligh said along with the project pipeline map the Authority had released a Resources for Reconstruction Discussion Paper.

    “The Discussion Paper looks at the anticipated resources needed to complete the reconstruction task within the scheduled three year-reconstruction period.

    “It also looks at how the reconstruction task will be impacted by or impact on other major projects in Queensland such as planned mining and resource sector developments and infrastructure projects.

    “This is about ensuring that all levels of Government and industry work together to maximise the availability of human and material resources to get the job done,” she said.

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