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    Minister for Transport
    The Honourable Rachel Nolan

    New driver licence makes debut in Toowoomba

    Minister for Transport
    The Honourable Rachel Nolan

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    New driver licence makes debut in Toowoomba

    The most secure driver licence system in Australia will make its public debut in Toowoomba today.

    Transport Minister Rachel Nolan said the roll out of the new licence will begin at the Toowoomba City Customer Service Centre when doors open at 8.30am.

    The new plastic licence cards, the size of a credit card, are embedded with a computer chip that securely stores product and personal information.

    “It’s a big day as we start to move from old laminated licences to delivering the most secure driver licence system in the country,” Ms Nolan said.

    “It will mean a whole range of new cards - a new heavy vehicle licence, a new marine licence and new industry authority cards for people such as bus and taxi drivers.

    “And we’re replacing the 18+ Card with an Adult Proof of Age Card.

    Ms Nolan said Toowoomba customers would notice some major changes to the way they applied for and received their licence.

    “There are some major changes, and I’d encourage everyone to check out or talk to our customer service centre representatives to see what they are,” Ms Nolan said.

    When Queenslanders apply for their new licence a digital photograph will be taken and stored centrally.

    Licences will also be mailed to customers within two weeks rather than being available on the spot.

    “It’s just like getting your passport or a credit card. Licences will be produced at a central location meaning greater identity security and protection,” she said.

    “It’s a big change but it will make Queensland licences the most secure in Australia – helping in the fight against fraud and identity theft.”

    Security features on the new licence include:

    ·Digital photograph rather than the old Polaroid photo. What that means is that when your photo is taken at the CSC, QGAP or police station, a biometric image of your face is taken and securely stored. That makes it virtually impossible for someone else to come along later and try to get a fake licence in your name and prevents people from trying to get a licence under different names.

    ·A number of visual security features including hologram, special inks, a watermark and shadowing.

    ·A computer chip which stores your personal information, security PIN and shared secrets.

    Ms Nolan said the new Queensland driver licence will initially cost $96.05 for five years, equal to around 37 cents per week.

    Taking into account CPI and the cost of implementing the new system a new five-year licence in 2014-15 will cost $152.50 or around 58 cents a week – comparable to the current cost of licences in other states.

    The new licences will be rolled out to other transport customer service centres, police stations in remote areas and QGAP offices between now and throughout 2011.

    Media contact: Chris Ward 0418 424 654