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    Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability
    The Honourable Kate Jones


    Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability
    The Honourable Kate Jones

    Wednesday, August 04, 2010


    The Bligh Government’s power-saving, bill-busting ClimateSmart Home Service has reached a major milestone, booking its 200,000th customer.

    Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Kate Jones congratulated Queenslanders for taking up the challenge to cut household carbon emissions by getting ClimateSmart.

    “It shows most Queenslanders want to do the right thing and run their households more sustainably to reduce their carbon footprint,” Ms Jones said.

    “Every dollar counts, and ClimateSmart Home Service is helping Queenslanders cut down on their bills and make some big savings.

    “Since the program began in January last year, 200,000 Queenslanders have joined the green crusade to have this money-saving ClimateSmart technology installed in their homes, and changed their power-wasting habits at home.

    “Collectively, these bill-busting Queensland households will save up to $65 million on their power and water bills and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3.5 million tonnes – that’s the equivalent of taking up to 820,000 cars off Queensland roads for a year.

    “Noel Melbourne of Ashgrove has made the 200,000th booking, and like many before him has had a wireless power monitor installed, replaced incandescent lightbulbs and learned about strategies to make even more cuts to household energy use.

    “It’s great to see so many people are taking up this opportunity to reduce their energy bills and help tackle the impacts of climate change at the same time.”

    Ms Jones said the ClimateSmart Home Service was one of Australia’s most successful community embraced programs aimed at residential energy efficiency and behavioral change.

    “Under the program, a licensed electrician will conduct an energy assessment and install power and water saving devices that can result in real savings of hundreds of dollars each year,” she said.

    “The ClimateSmart electrician will install a wireless power monitor, up to 15 free power saving light globes (known as CFLs) and, where suitable, a free water and energy efficient showerhead.

    “Each individual ClimateSmart home can save up to 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year and up to $325 each year on their power bills by making their homes more energy efficient.

    “Our qualified ClimateSmart electricians have now supplied and installed almost two million eco-friendly light bulbs in homes right across the Queensland.

    “As well as helping families save money, ClimateSmart homes are helping us to achieve our Q2 Target to cut Queenslanders’ carbon footprint by one-third by 2020.

    “I encourage all Queenslanders who want to make real savings – both financial and environmental – to get ClimateSmart today.”

    To book a ClimateSmart Home Service, visit or call 133 600

    4 August, 2010
    MEDIA CONTACT: 3239 0824