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    Premier and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Anna Bligh

    Survey results show Queenslanders split on daylight saving

    Premier and Minister for the Arts
    The Honourable Anna Bligh

    Thursday, June 03, 2010

    Survey results show Queenslanders split on daylight saving

    Queenslanders are overwhelmingly split on daylight saving for the state’s south east corner with those in regional Queensland passionately opposed and residents of the south east corner in favour.

    Premier Anna Bligh today released the results of an on-line survey carried out by the State Government along with feedback from MPs throughout the state which show a clear divide on the issue of both staging a trial in SEQ which would result in split time zones for Queensland and holding a daylight saving referendum.

    An analysis of the responses to the government’s on-line survey also reveals a huge divide in attitudes between regional and south-east Queenslanders.

    While 67 per cent of South East Queensland respondents were in favour of a referendum, 65 per cent of those in the regions were opposed.

    Similarly, 76 per cent of regional Queenslanders who took part in the survey were opposed to a trial for the south-east corner, compared to 70 per cent of SEQ respondents who were in favour.

    “While South East Queensland residents are in favour of both a trial and a referendum the view of regional Queenslanders is completely opposite,” Ms Bligh said.

    “And while there was a huge response to the government’s on-line survey with more than 74,000 people taking part, there was a significantly lower response to MPs in all electorates throughout the state.

    “But what that feedback from MPs shows is that while there was not an overwhelming interest in the issue, people – particularly in regional Queensland – are passionate in their views.

    “There is no single issue that provokes this type of passionate reaction among Queenslanders.”

    The government’s on-line poll posed two questions and the results show:

    Do you think all Queenslanders should have a referendum on Daylight Saving for South East Queensland only?

    Total votes 74013

    Yes 46629 63%

    No 25851 35%

    Undecided 1533 2%

    Should Queensland have a trial of Daylight Saving in South East Queensland before any referendum?

    Total votes 74662

    Yes 47942 64%

    No 25380 34%

    Undecided 1340 2%

    The responses received from various electorates throughout the state, compiled from feedback undertaken by local MPs, vary significantly from the on-line results.

    Of the residents who gave their views to SEQ-based MPs on the referendum question, 56 per cent were opposed and 40 per cent were in favour and in relation to an SEQ trial, 51 per cent were opposed and 47 per cent were in favour.

    The results from regional MPs outside of the south east corner were the polar opposite – more than 85 per cent were opposed to a referendum and 13.5 per cent were in favour while 93 per cent were opposed to a trial and just six per cent were in favour.

    All of the results will be taken to Caucus next Monday where government MPs will decide on how they will vote on a Private Members Bill on daylight saving introduced by independent MP Peter Wellington.

    "Mr Wellington has introduced a Private Members Bill into Parliament calling for a referendum on whether daylight saving should be introduced in South East Queensland only but that affects all Queenslanders,” Ms Bligh said.

    “His proposal would create two time zones in Queensland with SEQ on daylight saving time and the rest of Queensland on standard time.

    “Clearly these results show this is an issue about which people are incredibly passionate and that’s why our government opted to ask Queenslanders what they wanted.

    “It’s critical we take the views of all areas of the state – from every one of our electorates – into account.

    "This is a very important issue - that’s why we went to Queenslanders to allow everyone to have their say.”

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